Cromwell Valley Barn Gouache Study

 |  January 23, 2022
Gouache painting Cromwell Valley Barn Study by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Cromwell Vallery Barn gouache study on paper

Back in early November, I went to a park that has historical structures scattered here and there and I took a photo of one of the old barns with the idea that one day I’d try to paint it. I have so very many photos like this- one day photos I call them.

And this probably would have stayed a One Day Photo if it weren’t for the daily art challenge I have been doing over on IG. Draw a building or structure was the prompt for day #7. That’s the good thing about these daily challenges, it pushes me to do things that I normally push to the nebulous future.

When I finished this and showed my daughter, she said I don’t think I’ve ever seen you painting a building before! And I thought about it and said, no, I have, but it’s been many years, before you were born. Crazy how time flies like that. It’s always good to do something different.

I’m hoping to paint this again but on a larger canvas sometime in the nebulous future. A one day painting….

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