cycles of life

cycles of life, encaustic and mixed media, 8×8 inches

And other times I know what I want to make beforehand and it just pours out from me. Today I had a block of studio time and I concentrated on creating some encaustic pieces.

I wanted to make one more 8×8 inch encaustic piece using lace. I had made 3 earlier, and thought I would just leave it at that. But this week as I’ve been looking over my work, I thought I needed one more to make a nice 4-piece grouping.

I bought this lace at an estate sale last year with thoughts of including it into my mixed media work to symbolize domesticity, home, the feminine. Also the idea of the passing on of one generation to another.


  1. You’re so right about not forcing a piece and to let it be what it wants to be…I love the freedom in the one with the fern.
    And, I love the Cycles of Life; the simplicity of the image lets the message be clear.

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