Dig Deep

 |  May 22, 2007

dig deep
dig deep, encaustic and mixed media, 10×10 inches

After many many attempts at photographing this piece, I finally got one shot that came out decent. Encaustics are really hard to photograph I am finding. I finished this one a few weeks ago. I have spent a few days this past week photographing my larger pieces, thus the onslaught of posts here.

This piece underwent a huge transformation. At one point I thought to myself “Oops. That move right there totally ruined it”. So I let it sit for a long time. Several months in fact. When I returned to it, I let go of all expectations and decided to just explore with what I had. And suddenly it just clicked and I felt that it was done.

I actually really like this piece now. Maybe it’s because I hated it for so long. What gives us such a struggle makes the end worthwhile? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a tree freak. And I really like the color blue.


  1. by Tricia Scott on May 22, 2007  7:47 am Reply

    I really love this piece, bridgette. and I am so glad you didn't give up and it!
    I am a tree freak too. :)
    I love the sentence:"What gives us such a struggle makes the end worthwhile?" I had to link to your post. I hope that's ok. That sentence helped me understand that even though this whole detox thing is a struggle it is worth it.

  2. by Angela Rockett on May 22, 2007  12:29 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful, Bridgette. All of the pieces you've posted are. Please, please let me know when your work is up at Starbucks (and which location).

    I've recently had a similar lesson in letting go of expectations and just exploring what it in front of me on the canvas. I think it's a powerful lesson, and I hope to retain it.

  3. by dunesza on May 22, 2007  6:44 pm Reply

    Those colours are just fantastic and -again - I love it! I like trees and anthing that goes with it - so, this really strucks a cord with me! AND YES to "What gives us such a struggle makes the end worthwhile?" Yes! Yes! Yes!

  4. by Raine K on May 22, 2007  7:24 pm Reply

    Love the all the texture in this - one of my faves of yours! I'm a tree freak too (I think you already figured that out)!

  5. by Karen on May 23, 2007  2:00 pm Reply

    beautiful piece :) i just tagged you to revel 7 things about yourself..... as if you werent busy enough!

  6. by amber on May 24, 2007  8:38 pm Reply

    very nice your baby noah is precious:)

  7. by Leah on May 26, 2007  1:06 pm Reply

    oo, this one's beautiful!! i am such a fana of trees.

    thanks for stopping in at my blog. i'm glad to have found you thru inspiration thursday. i'll definitely be back as well!

    and yes, i do know just what you mean about respecting the work. my art is little pieces of me as well. perhaps it's a matter of self respect then?

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