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 |  October 31, 2010

Writing and rewriting are a constant search for what it is one is saying. ~John Updike

Beauty is Found in the Spaces Between
encaustic and mixed media
8×8 inches

Substitute the word “writing” with the word “painting” and that quote captures what I feel about painting. I am still on my mission to use what I have, including reworking old paintings. Another reason why it might be better for paintings to leave me…if left in my possession too long I will probably end up painting over it!

The orginal painting can be seen over at my website. A couple of years ago I became obsessed with perfecting my transfer technique onto wax. I created a series of these very spare compositions. I have always found wood grain to be beautiful and so I kept the grain as part of the painting, which is possible due to the clarity of encaustic medium. And while I was pleased with the original painting…I don’t know, I just felt like editing. Sometimes an itch must be scratched.

Although, I suppose the painting became more complex rather than simplified. Hmmm.

Cropping makes us focus on the essential. ~Sylvio Gagnon


  1. by Mary on November 1, 2010  11:24 am Reply

    another beauty!!

  2. by jbkrost on November 1, 2010  7:11 pm Reply

    A lovely composition!!
    thanks for the info, will explore it.

  3. by Seth on November 1, 2010  8:35 pm Reply

    Beautiful painting and I do love the title.

  4. by layers on November 2, 2010  12:12 am Reply

    I like the title of your encaustic piece here- also love the composition.

  5. by Thelma-Art on November 3, 2010  12:11 am Reply

    Oh my!! I love your art. Your style is so great!!

  6. by merci33 on November 3, 2010  11:26 pm Reply

    I'm always so happy when I come over to see what you've been up too...besides raising your beautiful wee ones...

    Congrats on the juried exhibition and being included in the poster!!

    'Beauty Found in the Spaces Between' is elegant and sumptuous...the palette is divine.

  7. by Leovi on November 4, 2010  6:36 pm Reply

    I like your style, you have a very attractive abstract language.

  8. by The Adventurous Art Teacher on November 5, 2010  5:29 am Reply

    Love your thoughts on selling a painting. I sometimes hate to let a painting leave in fear i won't ever paint another as well. I've highlighted your quote "When a painting is completed it needs to get out in the world to complete it's journey."
    I've been holding my work back.
    Thank you.

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