essence. day.10

 |  September 23, 2005

essence, mixed media, 6×8 inches

The words read: the essence of my spirit

Some of my mixed media journal covers are very personal and intimate-if that’s the right word. It’s strange sometimes to think of my journals out there in the world. My thoughts or feelings that I put down on a canvas panel holding someone else’s thoughts and feelings in a journal. I like that.

Sometimes I get emails from past customers who either tell me what they filled their journal with or send me a link to see pictures. I love that. It means a lot to me. Working alone in my little studio, I sometimes feel cut off from the world which I like, don’t get me wrong). But when I hear back from these people, strangers, showing me how a bit of me is a part of their life…it’s really nice. I got such an email today. I feel content.

Bound journal here amanobooks

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  1. by Joy Logan on August 13, 2007  4:20 pm Reply

    I would buy one of a
    each journal if I could. What inspiration they would be.

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