eternal return

eternal return, encaustic, 8×8 inches

One of the ideas that kept returning to me during my pregnancy was the idea of that inborn instinct that all creatures of the earth seem to have. Whether it leads a bird to build a nest, a bee to construct its hive, or flocks to fly thousands of miles to retun to their nesting place, we all follow some sort of bioligical destiny.

I read about the swallows return to the Mission in Capistrano as I was working on this piece. This is the third of the encaustic pieces that I have made with the lace embedded in the wax. I bought the lace at an estate sale with the idea of it representing history, domesticity, heritage. The passing on of family stories. Generations extending from the past and into the future. I was only going to make three of them. But now I’m thinking that I may make one more. Hmmmmmm…


  1. wow- i am super impressed that you get so mouch work done! LOVE the encaustics- it seems like such a natural medium for you. any new baby pics???

  2. Beautiful, Bri! I’m familiar with the swallows return to Capistrano from my days in California. Actually visited the mission. You were right about the pumice gel and encaustics when you said you’d rather do the real thing (or words to that effect). so would I! There is no comparison.

  3. Hello! I found you via Vivien, over (up?) in England, when she named your site in her recent tag.
    Your work looks lovely! Encaustic is something I have yet to try;seeing yours I am encouraged.

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