experience the seasons

experience the seasons
5×7 handbound blank journal

I’ve been feeling a little rundown this week, but still keeping busy. I have been working on binding up journals for special commissioned orders and trying to build up my inventory for amanobooks.com. Also still working on transitioning the old amanobooks site to the new one. I am still uploading all the sold mixed media journals over to the new site. I still have a lot left to add to the sold gallery. It’s been interesting to see how much my work has grown and changed these past few years as I’m going through and adding the images of sold work.

On the painting front I have been working on a series of dream paintings that I have started in my intuitive painting class. This is different from that other series I was talking about in my last post.

detail of the above journal

One of the things I love to do with encaustics is to scratch into the surface. I find myself bringing that into my acrylic paintings.

{realizing right now why I have been feeling so run down~ running a business, making journals, painting…those activities are not even the main activities of my daily life. balance, balance, balance.}

Today is my day to paint. So off the computer and on with the apron! I need today desperately.


  1. this is really pretty although much lighter in feeling than your last piece. the softness of the color is very balanced by the textured paper and binding…beautiful.
    i’m having trouble with balance too-diagnosed with vertigo this morning!!!

  2. Your journals are so beautiful, I wish I could by some of them – all of them! 🙂

    isn’t uploading boring? I did this once, updating a whole site into a database – boooring, but the result was nice!

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