|  February 28, 2008

journal entry from earlier this month

I can’t believe this month is almost over. That is the way with February, it seems. I haven’t posted in a few days as a)I haven’t had a chance to to do any new art and I hate posting without an image b)my mind is all over the place right now contemplating a move back to Chicago c)my husband was away on a business trip, so Noah and I were pretty busy trying to keep ourselves occupied without him. Actually not trying at all. Noah has started walking and that keeps us both pretty occupied without trying!

I wanted to give a big thank you to Seth of The Altered Page blog for listing my blog among those that he considers an excellent blog to read! What a lovely description too of my blog. Thanks! Sometimes I ponder writing more personal day to day entries, but I like to keep this blog focused more on my art journey. And so I write the personal as it intersects with my art. It’s an difficult line at times, as I believe that when you live a creative life, the distinction is blurred.

I’m crossing my fingers that I will get a big chunk of studio time this weekend. I have some work I need to get done as I have been slotted the month of April to hang my work at Cugini’s in Ballard.

Thank you all for the comments left on my last entry. I can’t wait to add the wax this weekend!


  1. by LostLuggage on February 29, 2008  12:18 am Reply

    Great page! I love the tone.

  2. by eb on March 1, 2008  12:13 am Reply

    WOW - we are on the same page - hand-wise - love this and congrats to you

    xox - eb.

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