Finding That Quiet Place

Encaustic mixed media, Finding That Quiet Place, by Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Finding That Quiet Place, encaustic mixed media 7×5 inches

Several weeks ago I made a little mixed media piece with a transfer of tree branches on it. I added rusted metal and then this piece of bark on top. I even added some metal leaf around the tree. I had it up on my studio wall this whole time, but it never felt quite finished. The other day, it came to me. Birds. I love the ethereal quality that all those layers of wax give to this piece. It feels foggy and misty and quiet.

I am a pretty sensitive person, so I can get affected by being in place where everything just feels “too much”. Or I get caught up in the turmoil of the world. I feel like it’s important to be part of the greater world, and aware and to advocate for what matters to you, but it’s also important to shelter yourself at times. Trying to find ways to just shut out the chaos is tough. I feel lucky that I have my creative practice. It helps me to find that quiet place. I have always wanted to develop a meditation practice….but it has never stuck. Maybe one day it will.

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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