fly away

 |  May 13, 2007

fly away, oil and mixed media, 4×4 inches

words read: i’ll fly away

I have one of Kanye West’s cds and as a lot of hip hop/rap albums, this one has interludes between the songs. One of the interludes is a gospel song that goes something like this:

…one glad morning
when this life is over
i’ll fly away…

He sings this with such joy and I often hit repeat when this interlude comes on and sing along as I drive. I wanted to create a little painting in honor of this gospel song. You never know when or where inspiration will hit you. I mean, a hiphop album? Who would have guessed??

This photo of the painting isn’t the best. I will have to take a better one later.


  1. by Angela Rockett on May 14, 2007  5:43 pm Reply

    I love that song! And such a beautiful image to go with it.

  2. by Tricia Scott on May 14, 2007  8:23 pm Reply

    beautiful piece as always bridgette.
    hmmm...i wonder if it is same "i'll fly away" song i grew up hearing...just a different version. the lyrics always gave me chills. love it! i think a version is on the oh brother where art thou sound track.

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