For the Time Being

For the Time Being
encaustic and mixed media
11×14 inches

Sometimes when I work on a painting, the title comes to me as I work. Other times, I flip through my journal, through quotes, sometimes even dictionaries after the work is done. Often the title encompasses the meaning of the painting whether it’s the mood, or the image. Other times it only really has to do with something going on in my life. That’s the case with this one. Issues I am dealing with in my personal life. {In my head, this piece is also titled: the cheese stands alone- but that didn’t seem appropriate. ha!}

I had a hard time photographing this painting. Sometimes capturing the luminousity inherent in the wax is hard to get on camera. I have some detail shots at my flickr site, just click on the image. I had been working on this piece for a few weeks now and just finished it up last week. It reminded me of one of my first experiements with working with wax. When I first started I couldn’t afford the paints or the set up, so I first started playing with a hunk of beeswax, my tack iron, an embossing heat gun, and then oil pastels. According to this blog, this was the summer of 2005.

I always recommend starting out experimenting like this to people who are curious about working in wax but don’t want to invest in encaustics without knowing whether they like it or not. If you like it, then I recommend taking an encaustics class or workshop to really get a feel and learn about safety issues as well.

This painting was one of my early pieces created that summer.

cabin, 2005

This little guy below was a thank you gift I made for my sister for her help with my wedding that summer.

eternal fern, 2005

Those days seem so long ago, but it was only about four years ago. Four years of heating up wax with only one long break during my pregnancy. I have come a long way and now have a heated palette, a “real” hot air gun, and encaustic paints. Now onto getting a torch……..


Thank you all for sharing your insights and experiences with me on my question I posed in my last post. It really gave me a lot to think about. I loved how Karin said that her art is instrumental in bridging my joys and sorrows. That really resonated for me.


  1. I don’t know about the ‘cheese standing alone’ but I sure like this piece of work. I think one of the facinating things about your work for me is the incorporation of the little ‘window or door’ to another part of life! It adds so much mystery and gets me thinking.

  2. thank you for your observations about my work. it is interesting to hear what other people get from one of my paitnings. yeah, “the cheese stands alone” is my little inside joke to myself. which i probably should have kept to myself. 🙂

  3. thanks Linda for your kind words. it means a lot.

    beth- 🙂 i just couldn’t help myself, that’s how i’ve been feeling this week! haha! The new location opened up in April and so far so good, sold several of my encaustic pieces so far. Thanks for asking!

  4. The orange is stunning and the piece is affecting. Glad you didn’t keep the joke to yourself- I like “the cheese stands alone” 😉

  5. Hi Bridgette – love your new header – as usual a wonderful piece – I have to say, I really love the roughness of your earlier piece (Cabin) – it has an awkwardness that appeals to me 🙂

  6. Bridgette, I so love your work. There is such a delicate, caring feel about the way you treat your subject. I would just love to see you of your pieces up close.

    I am really interested in your technique but classes are not available in my area. Are there any web sites or books that you might recommend?

  7. I guess it’s apparent that I only focus on the post and don’t take in the whole page because in looking back, I spotted the book you featured right beside the posting!! And, what I really wanted to say in my first comment was ‘I’d love to see ONE of your pieces up close’…I have rested since yesterday, so I’m seeing a lot clearer today!

    By the way, Happy Mother’s Day!

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