|  September 21, 2007

The majority of the paintings that are heading to Florida were painted on gallery wrapped canvases and did not require framing. But a few of the encaustic pieces were created on clayboard and needed to be framed. I chose to float frame them because I feel that this type of framing really shows encaustics off well. When you work in wax, wax can drip off the edges and form really beautiful raw edges. Float framing the panels off of a mat board which sits inside a frame allows this edge to show and really gives the viewer a full sense of the medium. At least, in my opinion.

Counting, framed

Below is a closer shot of a corner of another encaustic piece (Innate) just to show how the panel does float above the matboard and also to show how the edges can be viewed.


Another example of an encaustic piece float framed:

Innate, framed

The majority of my encaustic pieces were created on cradled birch panels, so they did not need to be framed. The wax dripped off the edges of those as well. I suppose I could have scraped them off, but I like the drippiness.


  1. by Catherine Weber on September 21, 2007  9:26 pm Reply

    I am glad to have come across your blog. I, too, make encaustic paintings. I started using wax this year. Up until I found this medium, I was happy doing collage paintings. Now I am totally immersed in wax.

    I like this post about the framing. I am thinking that I may try doing this as well. Question: how many inches do you offset the frame from the panel? Is it about an inch? What do you use to mount the painting to the mat?

    I am currently using braced panels for almost everything, but I really want to try this.

    Thanks in advance.
    Catherine Weber

  2. by AluapPaula on September 21, 2007  11:31 pm Reply

    So my question is, do you make those frames or do you get them already made? It does feel like a crime to scrape off the wax from the edges. What a brilliant solution you've come up with! And the black frame really makes it stand out from the white gallery wall.
    Very clever, young lady!

  3. by tina in seattle on September 22, 2007  1:23 pm Reply

    I'm wondering how you make the float frames. Also, are you using premixed encaustics or adding pigments to wax and damar?

  4. by erika on September 23, 2007  4:22 pm Reply

    Fantastic work! I, too, love the way they are displayed. Would love to see the exhibit myself.

  5. by Tricia Scott on September 24, 2007  4:12 am Reply

    i also would love to see this exhibit for myself!
    i have not been on the computer a lot lately and it seems i have been missing so much of your beautiful work bridgette. i love all of your new pieces! the float framing is wonderful. i am also wondering if you made the frame---i painted two canvas boards while on vacation and wanted to frame them but didn't know how so as not to cover the edges.

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