from the heavens to the earth

 |  August 29, 2010

From the Heavens to the Earth
encaustic and mixed media
10×10 inches

I have been thinking a lot about the seasons and the cycles in nature. Living in the city, I feel a bit removed from the need to pay attention to the patterns of the weather and of the sky. A few nights ago though the moon was full and so bright over the city…perhaps that is why the moon appeared in this painting that I finished on Saturday.

While I was working on this piece I worked to the point where the tree was in place, the plants below were set. I had painted the space next to the tree black and thought that I would scratch/draw in gardening notations or maybe a garden plot plan. So I went to my computer and did a search and came upon information about gardening to the moon phases. I found that fascinating. It is a practice as old as time and it makes sense to me.

The moon controls ocean tides, influences the groundwater tables beneath our feet and the movement of fluids in plants. Even continental land masses are said to rise 2 to 3 feet in elevation with the passage of the moon. – taken from Marion Owens’ article Planting By the Moon

My mother used to be a nurse and worked many nights in the emergency room. She tells me that the nights where there was a full moon there was always more activity, especially in the delivery room. Despite all the technology that we have, the gadgets that fill our homes, the dizzying busy-ness of modern life, we are human, of the earth. A part of us still heeds to the cycles of the moon and the sun and the rotation of the planet.

Anyway, so I found myself reading more about lunar planting and knew that I needed to bring the heavens into this painting. I ended up drawing in representations of the moon at the top and then beneath I did a drawing of the constellation Ursa Major into the wax. A loose interpretation of the constellation, of course.


Take me back to the days of the sun
When time ran in circles and cycles
And meaning came from the moon and the stars
And the earth and the rain
And darkness was just as important as light.


  1. by Wild Somerset Child on August 30, 2010  2:07 am Reply

    As always, absolutely beautiful. I'll take a closer read shortly. Meanwhile, I do hope you are all well. With Love, A.

  2. by Kim Hambric on August 30, 2010  9:47 am Reply

    Love the contrast in this piece. Thanks for sharing the background -- the phases of your piece.

  3. by Megan Noel on August 30, 2010  11:56 pm Reply

    i have READ that if you make a point of looking at the moon every night your cycles with coincide with it - but i have not had it happen to me - but maybe i have not moon gazed enough ! interesting idea, though, it makes me curious.

    there was a time when no one had to look at a calender to find out the cycle of the moon - they knew!

  4. by Julie on August 31, 2010  12:14 am Reply

    I love this piece, Bridgette!

    It's true..although I never worked in a hospital, I did work nights when I was in retail..and those full moon nights were most interesting for sure!

  5. by Seth on September 1, 2010  10:07 am Reply

    Really interesting to hear how this painting evolved and the way in which it reflects your experience. It is a beautiful, strong piece.

  6. by ArtPropelled on September 1, 2010  11:18 am Reply

    It's always a treat to read the ponderings behind an artwork. A privilege, in fact. Blogging has certainly opened that door. Beautiful work, Bridgette.

  7. by rivergardenstudio on September 5, 2010  8:03 pm Reply

    As usual, your art draws me into such a beautiful, intricate world. I love your words at the end, and how you studied cycles of the moon. Teachers always know when it is a full moon too... when the whole school seems crazier than ever, we ask eachother, "is it a full moon or something?" And it is... Happy September. roxanne

  8. by Julia on September 16, 2010  6:41 pm Reply

    Gorgeous!!!!....I am unable to sleep on a full moon night...what wonderful art..I love the metal look of the black and the lightness in contrast in the tree piece...and the blues...delicious to look

  9. by Julia on September 16, 2010  6:42 pm Reply

    Gorgeous!!!!....and thanks for sharing your journey with the moon.
    I am unable to sleep on a full moon night.
    What wonderful art..I love the metal look of the black and the lightness in contrast in the tree piece...and the blues...delicious to look

  10. by curlysusieQ on November 25, 2010  2:27 pm Reply

    I love this piece, it just grabbed be right away. Will it be for sale? thanks susan
    happy Thanksgiving:-)

  11. by Zappha on November 28, 2010  1:15 pm Reply

    Excellent work. You have great skill with encaustic and your vision is always refreshing.

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