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Last Sunday started my week long visit at CRESCENDoh.com as a Guest Curator for the “Art Saves” feature. Several months ago I received an email from Jenny Doh asking if I might like to share my “Art Saves” story on her website. At first, I was like, oh yeah, of course, art does have the power to save and I would love to share with others how when I finally decided to follow the creative path, how my life started to change. But when I sat down to write it, I knew I had to start even earlier and that really the story wasn’t about me, but rather my sister. While I wasn’t one of those that knew I was going to be an artist all my life, creating has always been a part of me. I wanted to write about someone who helped me to see and whose courage and strength will always be a beacon of light to me. And I truly believe that a large part of what sets people apart for a creative life is their ability to see the world around them. To really see.

Please click on the link to read my “Art Saves” story. It occurred to me to that the timing of my art saves story during Thanksgiving was just perfect. I often think of my artwork as a prayer of thanks. A meditation on gratitude.

mixed media blank journal

Now, the other fun part of being a Guest Curator was to gather and share links to other artists who inspire me through their work or their words. Each day I shared a link to two artists. I hope you will enjoy them too!

Day 1
1. Cathy Cullis combines paint, ink, and stitches to create the most beautiful, poetic creations.

2. Katherine Dunn’s paintings and illustrations are pure joy for my eyes and spirit. This blog post of hers has such great insight into trusting and respecting one’s creative process.

Day 2
3. Melanie Brown is an inspiring artist, teacher and mother whose son has been in the studio with her since he was a baby. Involving your children in your creative process can open a whole new world for both of you!

4. Patricia Anders is such a talented artist with a huge imagination that awes me every time. She is always pushing the limits.

Day 3
5. Donna Watson’s artwork and blog posts always leave me feeling inspired and enriched.

6. Leslie Avon Miller– I love this blog post because I think we can all relate to feeling distracted when in the midst of creativity. Here she shares tips on creating unique collage papers to use in your work

Day 4
7. Tracy Helgeson– I have long loved Tracy’s oil paintings and her blog is a great read to see what goes on behind the scenes of an artist, a mother, and raiser of hens!

8. Jeane Myers’ mixed media paintings move me and reading about her process encourages one to be brave and always keep pushing your work.

Day 5
9. Kesha Bruce’s mixed media work is as thought provoking as it is beautiful. She shares the trials and tribulations of being an artist at her blog

10. Deanna Wood is an artist who works in both book form and encaustics. She shares how the creative process is often about answering questions, problem solving, and overcoming obstacles.

11. Shayla Perreault Newcomb is painter of trees and powerful landscapes. Here she shares a video tutorial of her oil painting technique.

12. Mary Ann Wakely, a prolific mixed media artist shares how to keep your creative ideas and energy fueling your work by organizing it into a handy “art-operations manual”.

Day 7
13. Karin Bartimole shares her unique art journaling process in a video on her blog! She is a lovely woman and talented artist.

14. Donna Drozda is a teacher and artist whose work is spiritual and earthy in nature. Her blog posts help artists to stay attuned to the inner voice connect to the natural cycles of the world around us.


  1. I love the picks that you made for your curatorial week…and naturally I am so happy to have my work included in your selections…thank you so much 😉

    Your story of early creative sessions with you sister is such a sweet memory…makes me think of those that your wee ones will be making together…
    stay tuned 😉

  2. Thank you Donna for your visit here! And many thanks for allowing me to share a link to your work. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with you and I hope that others will find their way to your art and words. ~bridgette

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