Fused Chicago show

 |  October 12, 2009

I almost didn’t make it to the opening reception on Friday night because I had been fighting a pretty bad cold all week. But I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go. So, puffy faced and runny-nosed, I made it and I’m so glad I did. The show looked great and it was so nice to catch up with people and meet some of the artists that I had not met yet. Despite the rain and the cold, the turn out was fantastic. I tried to take more pictures, but it was impossible with all the people in the way!

The show will be up until October 30th. The gallery (537 Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan) is open 12-4 on weekends. If you come during the week, you may find the door closed, but Brenda Thomas’ phone number is on there and she will come and open the gallery. She has a studio in the building.

at the entrance of the Fine Arts Building, a very cool old building down the street from the Art Institue of Chicago. Frank Lloyd Wright had an office on the top floor. Now the building is filled with working artist studios and musicians.

The thing that was fascinating about the show was seeing how all of us approach working with encaustics in very different ways. Here are a few photos I was able to take. I apologize for the blurriness and flash. I wish I had been able to get a photo of all the artists and their work on display.

the work of Shelley Gilchrist, the woman who sparked this group’s formation

Alicia Forestall-Boehm next to her work. She works with many, many layers of wax and scrapes through with a variety of tools

Andrea Hill in front of her encasutic painting on unstretched canvas

Katsy Johnson’s photography based encaustic painting

Dawn Korman next to her three pieces

Jenny Learner -on the bottom right you can see her 3d painting of a flower made from the scrapings of the larger painting next to it

an admirer in front of Haley Nagy’s works on paper

Jane Michalski and the closest we could get to her painting!

Paul Rinaldi’s dimensional work

Emily Rutledge‘s works with a very urban edge

a blurry photo ofKathleen Waterloo‘s wonderful work. Sorry Kathleen!

and here you can see me trying to get a squirming 2 year old to pose with mama in front of one of her paintings

For more photos, be sure to visit the Fused Chicago blog


  1. by The Adventurous Art Teacher on October 12, 2009  4:41 pm Reply

    The show looked great. A couple of the pieces look like enamel jewelry. My favorite is that cutie with his mom. :)

  2. by layers on October 12, 2009  8:34 pm Reply

    Thank you for showing all the different styles and techniques in Encaustic-- I am interested in expanding my collages-- in one of recent posts I have two collages with beeswax.

  3. by Lost Aussie on October 12, 2009  10:18 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. The show looked awesome and I bet it was even better in reality.

  4. by SUNRISE SISTER on October 12, 2009  11:09 pm Reply

    The show looks so beautiful - thanks for sharing the photos and again, congratulations. I have not begun encaustic works yet but I know they are in my future and your work is very inspirational! Thanks!

  5. by Jeane on October 13, 2009  12:15 pm Reply

    hello Bridgette - it looks like it was a wonderful show and you looked ravishing - such a glow!

  6. by tangled sky studio on October 13, 2009  1:58 pm Reply

    What an amazing collection of work and positive energy! I can see the good vibe in your photos and am so happy for all you....


  7. by Shayla on October 13, 2009  3:26 pm Reply

    Wow! That place was hopping. Congratulations.
    That's a great photo of you and Noah. What a vibrant smile you have.

  8. by Michelle on October 13, 2009  7:29 pm Reply

    Wow...how wonderful! Looks like a great night...and a great show! I'm really liking Andrea Hill's piece...I have a thing for unstretched canvas.

  9. by raineklover on October 15, 2009  2:08 am Reply

    Looks like an amazing show! Congrats!

  10. by Ghislaine BRUNO on October 16, 2009  3:08 am Reply

    Thank you for this virtual tour of the show. So exciting !

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