Gathered and Pieced Together

“…She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.” Toni Morrison, Beloved

Gathered and Pieced Together
encaustic mixed media
20×16 inches

I finished this the other week, but there’s a possibility that it’s not done after I got feedback on it this morning. At any rate, I wanted to document it here before I do anything to it.

Ever since I became a mother I have felt like a gatherer. Gathering thoughts, gathering moments, gathering myself. And of course gathering toys. That’s a constant. But right now I am gathering information for the future. I feel like I’ve been in transition mode for several years, not just this crazy past year, but perhaps for the past 5 years. Now that I’m thinking of it, maybe even more than that. Never quite settled in. Constant motion, constant adjustments. Perhaps that’s just life. But I’m feeling more comfortable. I am working on putting things back in order and gathering seeds for the future.

Do not let grief be the only map you carry, lest you lose your way back to happiness.-Tracy Guzeman, The Gravity of Birds


  1. I love this new piece! as I do your other works. I enjoy visiting your site to view your work and to read wonderfully found quotes, and words of insight. I have not ventured into encaustic but could one achieve this type of collage w/o wax? Or does it give a certain cohesiveness?

    1. Thanks trish! Yes, I think that one could definitely achieve this type of collage without wax. There are sections in this painting that are just encaustic. But I could do this in acrylic without encaustic at all. The papers may not become as transparent as they did here, but you may not want that anyway.

  2. Dear Bridgette!
    You made a very special kind of artwork. I like it and your technique in which you made it.
    Thanks for your comments on my Blog.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. This is luscious Bridgette! For me, it speaks to so many whispering memories in those layers. I’ll certainly trust your judgment about whether you are finished or not and I will hope to see this in person some day.

    1. Thanks Melissa. I still haven’t touched it, but I probably will. It was really good feedback…I am actually happy with where it’s at now, but the thought that it could be “better” is pushing me to revisit it when I’m ready.

  4. Love this piece and your story of gathering — I truly believe their gathering times and release times in our lives. Your art is wonderful because you speak from that deep place within us all.

  5. Love that gathering quote and love your piece, especially the tree tucked up in the corner. I also love how much you share of how you’re feeling, I relate so much … except for the toys, you are lucky in that way!

    1. thank you. You know, my paintings are observations, commentary on my life. Helps me figure things out! Yes, about the toys, I know. But it drives me crazy at times! 🙂

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