Golden Field

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Golden Field, encaustic, 30×24 inches

I’m not sure what it is about golden fields, but they really get a hold on me. I painted this a few weeks ago, before things got hectic for the holidays and also before I got sick. And honestly it feels like I’ve been sick all of December. But now we’re in the tail end of December days, the in between days.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting these days, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I tend to perseverate on things that are best left alone. I tend to really do that when I am not in the studio. So I really, really need to get back into the studio. I am looking forward to that as last I left off I was working on an oil painting that had– golden fields of wild grass! I am so predictable.

“Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields.” – Jack Kerouac

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