happy mother’s day!

 |  May 10, 2009

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt

I hope everyone is having a lovely mother’s day! My life has expanded in immeasurable ways since I became a mother. And I am grateful for it everyday.

Every Friday Noah and I go to the Y for a class called Messy Masterpieces where we make craft projects with other little kids. At home, he and I are more free form with our paints and crayons, but in this class we follow directions. More or less.

my first crafted mother’s day gift

We made flowers on friday together as my mother’s day gift. Does it count if I helped?! 🙂 We also made a picture frame covered with glue and sprinkles. But I’m supposed to finish the back and haven’t gotten to it yet.

at home, last week, watercolors and crayons
noah surveying our work, before the socks came off and feet got covered with paint while tracing our feet.

This morning we went out to breakfast and then came home and worked on planting flowers in windowboxes and pots. Now my little guy is sleeping and I am going to paint. My husband got me a torch to work in encaustics for my mother’s day gift. Hurray! I will experiment this afternoon.

I recently bought the white ceramics cup as a mother’s day gift for myself from Diana Fayt’s etsy shop. I love her work. I have to take medicine every night that I hate taking…so I thought I should at least have a pretty handmade cup to take my medicine. It does make it go down easier! The pottery pieces on either side are things I made myself years ago.


  1. by Fuzzy Brush on May 10, 2009  3:58 pm Reply

    I think that's a very sweet card from Noah... I also appreciate the large paper you supply for him to express himself on.. he will grow up with memories of your support for his own art and that's such a great thing!

  2. by Janet on May 10, 2009  6:45 pm Reply

    OH torches. Have you seen Niaomi Cleary's work? - it's very good. I also really like Diane's stuff.

  3. by Kim Hambric on May 11, 2009  8:46 am Reply

    Yes, it is ok that you helped with your son's Mother's Day project. Soon enough he wont' want you to help, sigh. Best of luck with that torch. Be safe and have fun!

  4. by Tricia on May 12, 2009  9:16 am Reply

    hi bridgette! :) it's so nice to be back visiting your blog. thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes-it has been quite the journey but full of lessons. it sure did make this mother's day extra meaningful! :)
    i am so glad you liked the poem (and of course, please post it too) it resonated so deeply with me and i hoped another mom would feel the same.
    i love the photo of noah's art-so wonderful that you give him such a fun way to express himself! you have inspired me to get out the watercolors and have fun with olivia today---she can get so serious with her art now and gets really upset when things don't go just the way she imagined.
    and the mug is gorgeous! you deserved it! and the torch too! have a wonderful day. :)

  5. by Shayla on May 12, 2009  12:52 pm Reply

    Aha! So it's not sugar, but beautiful pottery that makes the medicine go down. Love that mug and good news about the torch.

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