hold fast

 |  April 27, 2008

hold fast, encaustic and mixed media, 6×6 inches

I had a great morning in the studio, despite feeling like I had been run over by a truck. I just have not been feeling good this year. We spent a lot of this weekend outside- wobbly running steps on green grassy carpets, shouting into the wind on the top deck of the ferry, craning our necks to see up the giant trees on Bainbridge Island. We have so much to do these days, but it’s so important for us to enjoy the time we have together. Time moves so fast. Slippery. I just want to freeze certain moments and hold them close.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of April.

The photo that inspired this piece was taken about a year ago at Golden Gardens Park. I remember the day clearly as it was the first time I felt comfortable to take my little guy out to the park. Our first photo expedition together. That seems like ages ago.


  1. by Shayla on April 28, 2008  9:33 am Reply

    This is beautiful!
    I love the red threads. The textures, composition and the trees are great. Trees are so appealing.

  2. by smith kaich jones on April 28, 2008  11:01 am Reply

    Your stuff continues to amaze me. It's a terrific way to start off my morning. I love the title & how it relates to this photo. Many thanks.


  3. by wendy lee lynds on April 28, 2008  12:04 pm Reply

    precious moments. precious memories! and you are so right, this year has flown. funny, it's been a pretty hard year for me, too. family drama and not feeling-so-great either. there feels like a big change coming. i know, that you for, this is certainly true. not sure what this means on this end, but the winds o' change are blowing, my dear. let's hold on to the sail and GO, GO, GO!! oxoxox lovely image. haunting......

  4. by bridgette on April 28, 2008  4:43 pm Reply

    Thank you shayla. Yes, I love trees too.

    Thank you Debi!

    hi wendy, I hope you're feeling better! Things have got to get better, right? I love that image of holding on the sail and letting the wind take us where it will. :)

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