holiday joy

 |  December 13, 2005

This year for my holiday cards I decided to do a mixed media panel instead of the usual illustration of my dog Foggy. I created this using clip art, old music sheets, ribbon from my wedding bouquet(!), star stickers, and acrylic paint. I printed out the scan onto blank cards. But the original has been turned into a journal cover. Holidays brings out the multitasker in me! Luckily for me or I think I would lose my mind. Maybe I already have…….

Bound journal at amanobooks


  1. by isay on December 23, 2005  4:44 pm Reply


    hava a happy holiday!

  2. by melba on December 24, 2005  12:00 am Reply

    I really like this. I love the use of so many different meaningful objects in your collage and I like that you share what they were with us. My favorite parts are the ribbon and sheet music. Have a great holiday!

  3. by ValGalArt on December 24, 2005  1:55 am Reply

    pretty! love this collage. have a very merry!

  4. by carla on December 24, 2005  7:10 pm Reply

    Wow...this really looks wonderful. You put together diverse elements so well. I was also admiring the work above with the photo transfer. It's excellent...I'm really interested in trying photo transfer, so I was fascinated by your process of creating the finished work. It seems like it opens up so maany possibilities. You have lovely work here:> Happy Holidays!

  5. by Zórdís on December 25, 2005  6:33 am Reply

    This card is so beautiful. I agree with melba regarding different objects and just want to say that this card has so much to it! Merry holiday!

  6. by Leezy on December 28, 2005  8:29 pm Reply

    Beautiful work as always - love this and I ADORE Crow Dream!!! You're work is very inspiring!!!

    Happy New year to you.

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