hope, hold me

hope, hold me
encaustic on birch, 8×8 inches

I created this encaustic piece for a group show that I was kindly invited to participate in that has the theme of “hopes and dreams”. A portion of the proceeds are going to the Genesis House in Melbourne, and the show will be held at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, Florida. This is where I had my solo show last year.

In AUGUST, 1977, a small group of volunteers rented an apartment for three pregnant women who had no place to live. In November, 1977, Genesis House, Inc., was founded, and the first Genesis House was purchased with a five-year balloon mortgage. Many donations made it possible for Genesis House, Inc. to purchase two more homes. All three shelter homes have apartments for live-in house managers. More than 11,000 women and children have been housed over the years by Genesis House, Inc. Many women come to Genesis House from abusive relationships or have become homeless due to unemployment. Genesis House, Inc. is committed to providing a safe, supportive, caring environment. Education, self-discipline, self-reliance, and independence from the welfare system are earnestly promoted. Counseling, personal improvement classes and appropriate health care are obtained for all residents. Classes in childbirth and parenting are provided as needed.

All the artists have been asked to create a book to go along with their painting and I have that in the works right now. I will post more about the event as the opening nears.


I feel like I have been a stranger here at my blog which is so unusual for me. The time of the year and a quick trip out to Seattle this week really has me scrambling around.

Before I go though, check out Susan Tuttle’s blog– she is having a giveaway for what looks like to be a fantastic book. And if you have never been to her blog, you’re in for a treat. Her photos are just beautiful and soulful, as are her words.


  1. Bridgette, it’s a wonderful feeling to give…Great piece of art for a wonderful cause. In my former life, I was heavily involved in organizations similar to Genesis House…”Hopes & Dreams” that’s what it’s all about…

  2. I like the way the threads make me think I can see the wind.

    So pleased to see you are supporting such an important cause. I’ve seen women make incredible changes in their lives from this kind of support, and that ends up helping society in general. In our area women’s shelters are the charity that receives the least support from all levels.

    It’s a very appropriate theme.

  3. What a gorgeous encaustic painting. Your work always moves me, it is hard to explain why. I can hardly wait to see your book that goes with “hope, hold me” Beautiful title too… Roxanne

  4. A lovely piece and a wonderful way to a share your beauty in the community. Doesn’t it feel good to ‘let go’ of one of our babies when we know that it will be doing good work.

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