Hot Wax in the City opening

 |  August 20, 2012

Last Friday was the opening for “Hot Wax in the City” exhibit at Morpho Gallery. We had a really great turnout, thank you to all who came! I took some photos of the work to share here. I had been looking forward to the opening as I knew that several of my FUSEDChicago friends who were also in the show were going to be showing new work. It was wonderful seeing new work, meeting new people, and talking about new things that we all have been working on.


Kathy Roman, me, Emily Rutledge.

Alicia Forestall-Boehm has been pushing her work this year in a new direction and it has been exciting to see. Here is one of her new pieces called “Moving Day.”

Alicia Forestall-Boehm

I met Isabelle Gougenheim last May at Shawna Moore‘s workshop here in Chicago. I absolutely fell in love with her work and was so excited to see that she was going to be part of “Hot Wax in the City”. She had three small pieces in this show, which just have to be seen in person. The texture is just beautiful.

Isabelle Gougenheim

I am a huge fan of Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn’s paintings. I’ve shown one of her paintings here on my blog before. It’s a red one. I love it. There is something about the way she works with encaustic that her paintings become more than paintings. They have a physicality, a heft…not sure if I’m making sense, or if it’s even something that can be sensed through a computer monitor. Her paintings hang on the wall, as paintings are wont to do, but they seem more like objects to me.

And isn’t that green in Scott Vanidestine’s piece just great?

Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn on the left
Scott Vanidestine on the right

Brad Hook is a new member of FUSEDChicago and I have admired his work that I’ve seen online. It was great to see his work in person and meet him as well. One thing that everyone kept saying throughout the show was, “You just have to see encaustic in person. Computer screens just don’t do them justice.”

Brad Hook

A really wonderful piece by Jenny Learner. This is another one that needs to be experienced in person.

Jenny Learner

On the left is a piece by Denise Funfsinn, who wasn’t able to attend because she had work in another opening that she was attending, but at least I got to see one of her newer pieces! To the right is a grouping of paintings by April Nomellini. April is very much intrigued by mark-making in her work. Her work is so glossy! Wish you could see the gloss, it’s quite amazing.

Denise Funfsinn
April Nomellini


We like to bring the kids to my openings.. I want them to know what I do, why I do it, and where it all goes. My 5 year old gets it by now. All my 2 year old knows is that she got to wear her ballerina dress with her party shoes. But pretty much, they stay for about 20 minutes and then take off. That’s all they can take! And my husband, who is in charge of making sure they keep it together for those 20 minutes. He’s the best. But it makes me happy to have my little rascals there.


  1. by Jennifer on August 21, 2012  7:18 am Reply

    Congratulations! The exhibit looks wonderful as a whole and I'd love to be able to stroll through gallery to view each piece in person. Brave woman, taking your little ones to the opening. I've yet to do that, but do take my girls later to see my work hanging with others. They kind of get it.

    • by bridgette on August 21, 2012  11:50 am Reply

      Thanks Jennifer! If it weren't for my husband's willingness to do it and manage them for the short while they were there, I wouldn't be so brave. There was only 1 show so far that I have not taken them to- there was a lot of installation pieces- way too tempting for little hands. They stay for about half an hour and then my husband takes them home so I can stay and mingle. So far it's worked!

  2. by Lynn on August 21, 2012  8:40 am Reply

    I think it's great to bring kids to openings. (My boys always gripe, but I still think it's good for them to see that other side of what I do.)

    • by bridgette on August 21, 2012  11:53 am Reply

      Thanks Lynn. I am sure the griping will start at some point. Right now, like I said, my daughter is just happy to dress up in her party shoes!

  3. by Seth on August 21, 2012  11:13 pm Reply

    Looks like a great show Bridgette. How wonderful to see you piece there among so many other fantastic looking creations. And I love the picture of you and your two little darlings!

    • by bridgette on August 27, 2012  4:11 pm Reply

      thanks seth! It was a fun night and a wonderful show to be a part of.

  4. by Carole on August 23, 2012  1:33 am Reply

    Wow, great show! Your kids being there is a wonderful idea not only for them but also for the guests to see another side of you.

  5. by Stephanie Hoff Clayton on August 23, 2012  1:33 pm Reply

    This looks wonderful. Congratulations on the show!
    Thanks for your comment, Bridgette. To answer your question/what I intend to use on the sides of my paintings:
    The orange oil and beeswax product is Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner, available on Amazon. I'm just getting around to ordering it. Once I begin using it, I'll do a post on the blog.

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