|  August 4, 2006

Today didn’t start off very well physically but I knew that the best remedy was to just get into the studio and try to crank out another mixed media panel. It was Alaska inspired.

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howl, mixed media, 6×8 inches

The words read: a whisper turned whimper turned into a howl

I actually created part of this back in l.k. ludwig’s class this past artfest. And it’s been sitting around. It’s nice to finally take something partially done and finish it- even if it wasn’t used for the original intended project. When I go to workshops such as at artfest, I don’t go for the projects necessarily. I go either because I know of that instructor’s work and I like it and/or I want to learn certain techniques or a new way to look at a familiar medium. And then I take that home with me and work with what I learned to incorporate it with my own style. It seems that people get caught up with trying to imitate their instructor or work feverishly to finish the project. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a project at the 2 artfests I’ve been to.

I took the photo of the totem pole last year when we went to Alaska for our honeymoon. The tree and blue and white background behind the totem is a photo I took on Orcas Island, not Alaska, but close enough! The frame around both is from a record sleeve that we got in l.k.’s workshop.

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