|  June 4, 2007

we are only human
“we are only human”, encaustic, 6×6 inches

We are only human with all our flaws and scars, aren’t we?

I’ve been taking it easy recently. Taking a bit a of a breather after a crazy May. This weekend I worked in the garden. It felt good to be in the dirt. At one point I was sitting next to my rose bushes checking the underleaves and pulling up renegade weeds and I see something darting around around my head. I looked up and a little hummingbird was floating above my head for about 20 seconds. It was amazing how all I could see was its body because the wings were going too fast for my eyes to see. I’ve always loved the spanish word for hummingbird. El colibr√≠. I don’t know why. It just fits.

I found this quote in a pile of things in my studio that really speaks to me. I forgot that I had it. And I’m not sure where I found it or who said it. Whoever your God may be, it seems right to repect the gift and use it. In whatever form it may take.

Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

My hanging at the Starbucks has been postponed for now. I will post when it is hung. Oh! And I want to thank Roben Marie Smith for her surprise gift. Thank you so much! I will have to make some good use of my new flickr account.


  1. by Tricia Scott on June 5, 2007  1:32 pm Reply

    amazing textures bridgette!
    i wrote down the quote to keep near the computer. it feels like a good thing to remember, making art time a sacred time.
    hummingbirds are so special to see up close and i like the image of hands working in the garden. maybe this is what i need. i am restless today. olivia is under the weather so we are inside.

  2. by Judy Wise on June 5, 2007  1:55 pm Reply

    I love the encaustic and the title.

    Another word for hummingbird (my favorite) is tzintzantzun. Say it out loud; it sounds like what it is.

    Just the smell of the soil is enough to put my mind to rights. Working outside in the garden soothes the soul.

    Thank you for another throught provoking post.

  3. by bridgette on June 5, 2007  6:37 pm Reply

    tricia- glad the quote spoke to you too. It definitely can be a sacred time. Hope you get to go outside soon!

    Judy- that's a great name too! What language is that? Working outside soothes my soul as well. Something about just being in the dirt, growing life, cultivating life and beauty. And the destructive qualities of working in the garden is good therapy too! :) I wish I had a garden like yours. Someday.

  4. by Leah on June 5, 2007  7:58 pm Reply

    lovely art, bridgette! the quote is one of the basic principles from julia cameron's artist's way. :-)

  5. by bridgette on June 5, 2007  11:38 pm Reply

    Thanks Leah- I should've known it was from the artist's way!

  6. by Judy Wise on June 10, 2007  2:17 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette, tzintzantzun is a word from Mexico, maybe Spanish or earlier. I might have heard it in Oaxaca. I grew up in Arizona and I have a lot of Spanish words floating around in my (rusty) memory.

    When I am in the garden I often hear the hummingbirds, who are very territorial, zooming around and trying to establish dominance. That is when I hear "tzin-tzan-tzun".

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