Illustration Friday – Night

 |  November 9, 2005

I haven’t participated in Illustration Friday in a while…but it’s never too late to join in again. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself. This week’s theme is Night. This mixed media piece is not new, unfortunately. I did it last year I think around this time. It’s different from what I have creating lately, but I wanted to post this here in my blog because this is where the name of my blog came from. And it definitely fits the theme!

It actually originated from a conversation I had on the phone with my mom. We were talking about things that happen in life that you can hold onto and become bitter or let go. I have trouble with letting go sometimes, and my mother does not. She always seems at peace even though she has been through a lot of hardships in her life. I kept asking her how she doesn’t let things get to her. And how she is able to not let all the negativity in the world affect her. I kept asking, prying, just wanting THE answer. Finally she just said, “I am just not one to sit and contemplate the moon!” I loved that.

However, I have come to terms that I am one to sit and contemplate the moon. But that doesn’t mean that I have to weigh myself down with negative thoughts. Being able to sit and ponder can lead to awakenings. Introspection. Exploration. Dreams.


  1. by Ellen on November 9, 2005  11:59 pm Reply

    I think it's terriffic!

  2. by Catnapping on November 10, 2005  12:11 am Reply

    is that d-r-e-a-m in ASL?

    this is a wonderful entry.

  3. by rose on November 10, 2005  2:20 am Reply

    This is a wonderful collage.

  4. by Holly on November 10, 2005  9:14 am Reply

    Very beautiful. Cheers!

  5. by carla on November 10, 2005  6:23 pm Reply

    I think this is a very striking piece, and even more so with your explanation. I like the colors, the composition, the whole mixed media effect...well done! Thanks for sharing it with us:>

  6. by Leezy on November 10, 2005  6:58 pm Reply

    I am a HUGE fan of this style of coallage/mixed media and LOVE LOVE LOVE your entry. I always want to spend hours looking and looking and absorbing every little detail. Please post more - you are very talented. This really is stunning!

  7. by kate on November 11, 2005  5:22 am Reply

    This is beautiful, and so is the inspiration. I have some baggage, but I don't know if I can sacrifice contemplating the moon!

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