In My Dream

In My Dream
In My Dream
6×6 inches

Do you pay attention to your dreams? I do. Often my dreams are duds, but there are times when they are truly powerful messages. My dreams are often water dreams- involving water animals or boats. In this dream I dreamed of two boats, a large shipping vessel and then a smaller canoe type vessel that was attached behind the other one. This was one of those dreams that helped me make an important decision so many years ago.

When I first moved back to Chicago in 2008 I took an intuitive painting class with Melanie Brown. She had us keep notebooks of our dreams where we were to jot down notes or sketches of our dreams. We then based our studies and then a final painting on our nocturnal notes. It was a wonderful exercise. I have a couple of things in the works that are based on my dreams.

Dreaming, I see visions…

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