In the Field

In the Field
In the Field
oil on canvas
24×18 inches
It’s the busiest time of the year and days, weeks, have gone by since my last post! I hope to be more consistent in the coming year. Who knows though- life is so unpredictable. This past year I have had to make choices like- blog or paint. The choice is pretty clear. I am really behind in writing up on my recent landscape paintings though, so hopefully I can catch up in a timely manner.

This painting was inspired from one of my plein air excursions. I actually did not paint it outside or even do a study outside. I snapped a photo and then walked on and painted something else entirely. But I came back to it a while back and really wanted to paint it. It went through many phases. When I first started painting it I stayed true to the what I saw before me- the texture of the grass, the fluffiness of the clouds, etc. And it looked nice, like a nice green field…….but not what I wanted.

Again, I had to repeatedly ask myself “What am I wanting to express? Is it a sight that I saw as it was right before my eyes or my own interpretation of it?”

And my answer was always- no, not what I see, but a suggestion of the actual view in front of me. I want to express what my senses were filled with at that moment.

At that moment, it was the lush green of the field. The green upon green upon green.

“Painting is a conversation. Make your speech deliberate, not full of babble, nonsense. Be sure of what you want to say.” -Timothy Chambers

I like this quote, may not be true for everyone’s creative process, but it is true for me.


  1. If you only wanted a picture, the photo would be there–the scene, preserved. But to express what your senses were filled with..that’s the poetry of artistry (or vice versa!) That’s saying it in your own words,expressing it in your own unmistakable symbols and style. (and THAT is what attracts me, and all of us, who appreciate your work!)

    1. Thanks MaryJo for your encouragement. It was a scary moment when I completely flattened out all that texture and nuances of the grass! But I’m happy I did. Thanks so much for your words.

  2. I agree completely. I always try for the feeling too. And you have captured that ‘take your breath away’ lush green perfectly. I am enjoying your landscape series! Happy New Year – Bridgette.

  3. When I paint, I probably have many periods of “babbling” as I paint, but it’s so that the colors can become more harmonious and the shapes in various things to be just right. It’s a lot of push and pull for me, if that makes any sense.

    Your painting is just lovely and what a nice size for it. I would love to see this in person. Your art has such wonderful deep color and texture. I am always inspired when I look at your work.

    Happy New Year Bridgette!

    1. yes, that makes perfect sense. Actually it’s the same for me. Lots of pushing and pulling. Thank you and I hope you have a great 2015 ahead Lisa!

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