Irwin’s visit

 |  November 15, 2007


Earlier this week Noah and I visited Irwin’s over on 40th and Bagley in the Wallingford neighborhood to mark a few paintings with a little red dot. The owner was very excited for me and said that my work has been getting so many positive comments from the people coming in. Two customers who were there while Linda and I were talking said that my paintings were the best that have been in there! And then they told me that Noah was the happiest and cutest baby they had ever seen, so all in all it was a very nice visit.

I told my husband all their nice comments and he said that I have no excuses for being grumpy for the rest of the year.

I tried to take pictures of the pieces hanging, but it was next to impossible since I had Noah in the Baby Bjorn. The one above is blurry, but it was one of the best ones I took.

When I was hanging the paintings, I over heard two women looking at one of my tree paintings. One of them said, “It’s like a portrait of solitude”.



  1. by d. on November 16, 2007  9:55 am Reply

    Yep, they are all correct! Like the "Portrait of solitude" true about your work in general...

  2. by Tara Finlay on November 16, 2007  7:19 pm Reply

    Yes, your work evokes solitude and a feeling of peaceful purpose. Good job on the sales! Thanks also for your comments about my job post!

  3. by erika t on November 17, 2007  3:15 am Reply

    Beautiful! I love the Wallingford area. Used to frequent there a lot when I went to the UW. I am sure your art fits in nicely with the local environment there! So unique!

  4. by Tina on November 17, 2007  1:09 pm Reply

    I'm looking forward to checking Irwin's out this weekend.

    I'm going to have to check out the knife skills class. It sounds like great fun!

  5. by bridgette on November 18, 2007  12:47 am Reply

    Hi erika! Yeah, we like Wallingford a lot and wanted to move there when we were looking at houses. It has a lot of character. Thanks!

    Hi tina-i hope you make it to Irwin's. Their chicken potpie is really good if you like that sort of thing! :) We should take a knife skills class together!

  6. by bridgette on November 18, 2007  12:48 am Reply

    Thank you Dawn and Tara for your comments too!

    "peaceful purpose"...hmmmm...i like that!

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