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 |  March 24, 2009

Please check out the amanobooks blog as I’m working on a series of posts regarding visual journaling. Today’s post features work by the talented Amber Gibbs as well. Be sure to check it out!

I originally planned to focus mainly on writing tips there, but writing about visual journaling is more fun, I have to admit. I also want to write some journaling tips specifically targeting creative types, but don’t want to alienate the non-creative types either. I’m striving for a healthy dose of both types of posts. But right now, I am going to focus on creative aspects.

When I first began my journey into painting, I had a journal that became such an important tool in finding my voice and figuring out what I wanted, what I was striving to hit upon in my work. Using a journal as a companion in the studio can be so helpful that I would like to share my experiences there on the blog as I hope it will help others who find themselves in a similar position.

{from this journal, 2006}

If you would like to have your visual journal spread featured or if you have an idea you’d like to share please email me at bridgette @


  1. by Anonymous on March 25, 2009  1:24 am Reply

    I looked at your store, how lovely and interesting the art work is, the little encaustics and I especially like the blue book in the large picture with a stone? or twig? at the side.

  2. by Janette Kearns Wilson on March 25, 2009  1:26 am Reply

    How that last message came out "Anonymous" defeats me it was Janette from Contented Colour>

  3. by bridgette on March 25, 2009  8:25 pm Reply

    Thanks Janette! It's driftwood that's attached to that cover.

  4. by ~eRiN~ on March 26, 2009  1:02 am Reply

    beautiful artwork! love this post...I have passd the 100 day mark on my art journaling project 365 Days of Being


  5. by Susan Tuttle on March 26, 2009  2:31 pm Reply

    Hiya my friend,
    how are you?
    i love your handwriting.

    i like to try complete stream of consciousness journal writing -- i don't think at all about what i am writing, and when i read it back i am always blown away by what comes through -- like it came from somewhere else.

    OLTL is off the charts -- very dark these days -- the writers better make some more positive things happen.


  6. by Patrice on April 4, 2009  12:35 am Reply

    ha ha ha... my journals and sketchbooks are so messy, I'd never share them willingly - but I do love the idea - and the wonderful work being done these days by other artists, like you!

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