journey within

 |  September 22, 2006

Continuing with my exploration of my pregnancy. This one is called Journey Within. This was the painting that I got severely stuck on and caused an untimely stretch of a block. I had to put it aside while I worked on some other paintings. When I returned to it, I was reluctant, but I am so glad I did. There is something very satisfying about confronting a block and just pushing through. It’s funny how a few weeks ago when my eyes would fall upon the unfinished painting I would feel anxiety. But now I feel a sense of calm when I look at it.

The words around the right side of the womb read: Within me now, a new journey begins. a possiblity. a promise…

Journey Within, mixed media, 20×16 inches



  1. by Jess on September 22, 2006  3:52 pm Reply

    This is amazing. there is so much richness here.

  2. by amber on September 22, 2006  11:08 pm Reply

    This is extremely beautiful Love it

  3. by Sheri Burhoe on September 24, 2006  10:25 pm Reply

    Great work ! I've been inspired ! :)

  4. by cootiegarage on September 30, 2006  5:36 pm Reply

    This is absolutely beautiful Bridgette! Fantastic.

  5. by Erika Tysse on October 1, 2006  2:36 pm Reply

    Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks so much for posting it, it has inspired me!

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