keep me safe

 |  October 26, 2006

Another panel that has been bound as a journal cover. This was started a looooooooong time ago and has been sitting on my window ledge waiting for me to finish it. I wanted to evoke feelings of serenity and safety in the midst of chaos. Sanctuaries during these times of confusion. We look towards powers higher than us to give us that peace. It can take many forms and faces.

Although I was attempting to evoke feelings of safety, it still seems more foreboding than serene though. Must be something subliminal on my part! Hmmmmm…

keep me safe, 8×6 inches, mixed media

Bound journal is available at amanobooks


  1. by Sheri Burhoe on October 27, 2006  7:55 am Reply

    I think this is an interesting and visually beautiful piece.I do feel a sense of comfort when I look at it.I love the darkness with the light, as it shows how the darkness is never far behind us, even when we are safe although, because the darkness here appears to be an angel in it's form, I find it comforting.

  2. by amber on October 30, 2006  12:20 am Reply

    funny I get the opposite feeling from this piece I find this not piecefull this makes me a bit frightened great all the while
    I love your work!

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