letting go

letting go
letting go, encaustic, 6×6 inches

This painting was a reflection for me on letting go when things do not turn out as expected. How life isn’t perfect and things happen that are beyond our control. That is just the way things go-I have learned that lesson over and over in my life. But it especially hit home with my pregnancy.

Although my pregnancy was not as expected, the outcome has been perfection. I thank God for that everyday. My little one turned 6 months last week and is just growing like a weed. Today he ate his first carrots…from the looks of his face, not his favorite so far! But I imagine it takes some getting used to especially after bland rice and oatmeal.


  1. Wow, I love this one. That red looks dangerous, alive.

    Where do you find your bird images? Are these from your own photos? I have a hard time catching birds on film…

  2. thanks dona- i painted this bird on a larger painting…then printed out a smaller version to collage it into this piece. i take my own photos, and it is hard to capture birds. i really want to do a hummingbird piece, but getting that photo is going to be impossible!

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