|  March 7, 2007

A visual journal entry created during my bedrest at the end of my pregnancy. The words read: Life is so fragile and precious…maybe that is why we need our homes to be so strong.

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Still haven’t returned to the studio…but I have been painting. I finished a tree mural in Noah’s room- right next to his crib. He hasn’t quite noticed it yet though. It was fun having the brushes in my hand again.


  1. by Dawn on March 7, 2007  10:39 am Reply

    I love this, Bridgette! It's OK you haven't gotten back to the studio yet...It's such a life-changing event...I'm glad to see you're still painting, though...I'd love to see the mural you did!

  2. by bridgette on March 8, 2007  7:18 pm Reply

    thanks to you both! Dawn- I will try to get a photo up of the tree soon. :)

  3. by A bird in the hand on March 10, 2007  11:51 pm Reply

    Beautiful journal pages, Bridgette! Hope Noah is thriving.

  4. by Kelly on March 12, 2007  1:34 pm Reply

    I got your link through Carla- your work is so amazingly beautiful. Hope you dont mind me peeking in. You are incredibly gifted. I have a private profile, but I am here:


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