Lillstreet Member Show


I have two encaustic paintings that were juried into The 6th Annual Lillstreet Student and Member Show that is taking place this weekend.

Lillstreet Art Center
4401 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

Since our move to Chicago I have taken 3 classes at Lillstreet Art Center- Intuitive Painting, Handbuilding(ceramics), and Intro to Sewing. Actually tomorrow is my last sewing class. I have really enjoyed it! I really want a new sewing machine now. Since I like to take classes here I became a member earlier this year and one of the perks of this is the invitation to submit work to show in their annual member and student show. My two encaustic paintings that I submitted were accepted (the bird painting in the postcard is mine) and I am looking forward to attending the show this weekend.

Back ten years ago when I was working in the chicago public school system and rapidly losing my mind I decided to take a ceramics class at Lillstreet- a form of therapy for me. This was at their old location and I just loved it the minute I walked in. I’ve always felt comforted by the earthy smell of clay. I remember wandering their art space and thinking how wonderful it would be to be an artist and have work on display. Thinking that it must be a good feeling to make something with one’s hands and mind that speaks to other people, that makes that want to take it home with them. It seemed like a totally foreign idea/life at the time.

That seems like eons ago…

Thank you to everyone who has left me comments and emails about last announcement. I really appreciate it and have been working on emailing back. I am feeling a bit better this week, but have not been on the computer much. But I wanted to thank everyone here. The congratulations and blessings mean so much to me. Thank you.


  1. You are so, so settling in, feathering your nest, making a true home, a true place for yourself in the world.

    I love the fact that what seemed such a foreign idea at one time has evolved into your reality. How very cool is that?

    🙂 Debi

  2. congratulations!!!! )what an exciting and busy time) the one thing i’ve learned lately is that there is no perfect time for anything and we have to work hard to embrace it all. i’m so happy for you and wish you all the best personally and professionally in the coming months.


  3. A baby – what lovely news. I hope you are starting to feel a little better. I found my way to your blog by wandering round people’s blogrolls, and am happy I did.

  4. Congratulations on both your exhibit and the blessings of your bird. The wonder of the interconnectedness of things is far surpassing. I hope your exhibition was exciting and profitable, I’m sure your incubation will be.

    Please keep posting, I love to read what you have been working on and the different ideas you present.

    The Geckos

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