Listening to Trees

encaustic mixed media piece LIstening to Trees by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Listening to Trees, encaustic, cloth, thread, dried leaves, 16×16 inches

I made this piece back in August sometime and just haven’t had a chance to post it on my site or here on the blog. When I look at this piece on the wall, I feel a sense of calm. Currently I have it hanging in a place where I see it first thing in the morning.

Earlier I was working in my garden/yard and working on my never ending project of turning to turn grass into flowering beds for pollinators and I was working underneath an old tall tree. Whenever I am around these old beings I always wonder what they have seen. I wish I could hear their stories.

While I was working I also was listening to this podcast interview of Sinegugu Zukulu on Green Dreamer. So many things he said, made my ears perk up, such as:

“…you need to walk with the understanding that there are other life forms that are beyond your own understanding that are living on the same land, in the same space. Therefore, you treat the rivers, the grasslands, the forests, the ocean, the natural pools, and the waterfalls, with the respect of knowing, understanding, and acknowledging that there are other things. Only when we do that, we shall be able to live in harmony.

When we disrespect this land, this planet, that’s when big challenges like we see now with climate change and all of that come to us, because we are not treating the land and the spaces with the sacredness that they deserve. Every piece of the land is sacred.”

I want to do more of these sewn leaf pieces with sewn fabric and encaustic. They remind me of my ephemeral nature meditations. Which reminds me, I need to do more of those too.

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