maybe home was always here

 |  March 8, 2009

maybe home was always here
maybe home was always here
encaustic, 6×6 inches

Today was my day to work and be productive. I have a lot that I needed (still do) to accomplish. I put the finishing touches on a project that I have been working on since January- a commissioned painting. I need to sit with it for a bit and make sure it is done. It is telling me that it’s done, but I will give it just a little bit of time to make sure.

In between working on my oil paintings, I had my encaustic palette going as I have been given a wonderful opportunity to show my work at a local Chicago gallery called Sacred Art. Sacred Art is currently in Roscoe Village, but is moving to a new and bigger location in Lincoln Square. Once the new location opens, which I believe will be mid-March, my work will be there. I am excited to be part of this local venue as the owner is a firm believer of local and emerging artists and I thought this would be a great way to get started in my new hometown. I will have a grouping of my small encaustic paintings, 6×6 inches and 8×8 inches, there. Well, that’s the plan as I still have to get a few more pieces done and the opening of the new location is just around the corner!

I created the piece above using the method of layering and scraping back with a razor blade. I love this technique as you never quite know what you’re going to get. I showed this to my husband and he thought it had a more urban feel to it. Who knows, maybe my surroundings are seeping into me. I thought that was an interesting observation.

maybe home was always here_detail

My favorite part of this small painting is the above detail. Lately I have just been fascinated with color and surface, abstractions…hmmmmm…..


  1. by Carmen on March 8, 2009  9:29 pm Reply

    Bridgette, this is incredible. I want to touch it.

  2. by smith kaich jones on March 8, 2009  10:00 pm Reply

    I agree - that little detail is amazing. Wonderful piece.

    :) Debi

  3. by Janette Kearns Wilson on March 9, 2009  12:18 am Reply

    This looks so mysterious, encaustic has that wonderful sense of knowing that there is stuff hidden.
    It is lovely to be working for a show locally.

  4. by Pearle on March 9, 2009  8:48 am Reply

    This is a gorgeous piece! I love encaustic, something I have not yet tried, but you are inspirimg me!

  5. by Dawn on March 9, 2009  10:15 am Reply

    I agree with your husband...that piece is more urban in feel...Amazing! I think Chicago IS special...It gets into all of us. If I had to move back to the Midwest, THAT would be where I would go, hands down.

  6. by Wild Somerset Child on March 9, 2009  2:00 pm Reply

    Beautiful as ever, and yes, it does have an urban feel (says she from rural surroundings !) - it's in that detail, the semi-geometric shapes, I think. How good that you will be a part of the display scene in your new-home-city. I wish you all the luck in the world with that.

  7. by Patrice on March 9, 2009  7:22 pm Reply

    Oh, of course I love the one with the black bird - but all of these are wonderful. I'm really wanting to try some encaustic. I love the depth that can be achieved with this medium - or should I say mixture of media.?

    Beautiful and evocative.

  8. by Gina on March 9, 2009  11:22 pm Reply

    This is a beautiful piece, Bridgette. I love the way you match your titles so thoughtfully with your art; it expands and adds such depth to your works.

  9. by Seth on March 10, 2009  6:28 pm Reply

    Great observation by your husband. This could be a shot of the wall of an old abandoned building. And your eye for detail is right on with that close up.

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