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 |  August 8, 2005

Self Portrait, mixed media on canvas, 6 x 6 inches

Creating has been a driving force in my life whether I listened to it or not. I have come to realize that creating is not an option, but rather a demand that I must listen to. My passion to create comes from a need to express myself, to relate to the world around me. My hands were made to create what I feel. My eyes see form where there is nothing. My goal as an artist is to listen to myself and speak what words cannot say. Whether it is a painting, drawing, ceramics, or bookmaking, I try to speak to both the physical and spiritual realities of my experience.

This journal will be a a testimony to my journey as I attempt to pull out what is inside of me.

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  1. by sabeelah on August 8, 2005  6:20 pm Reply

    Hi sweetie.

    this will be a wonderful forum for you. I really like the simplicity and clean lines of this place.

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