Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out

 |  February 21, 2012

“Bridgette Guerzon Mills and Crystal Neubauer come together to present mixed media works that speak to the need for stillness and reflection in a busy and hectic world. Crystal is inspired by what has been discarded and deemed valueless to illustrate her inner reflections through collage, while Bridgette’s encaustic and mixed media work is a dialogue of the natural world outside reaching into her spirit. Both artists’ work can be seen as meditations, looking in and reflecting out.”



This is what I have been busily working on and I am looking forward to seeing it all come together. The last time I prepared intensely like this for a show was about 5 years ago when I had my first show ever at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, Florida. It was a solo show and I painted a ton of paintings for it- I had a wall of tiny paintings, so that kicked the tally for amount of paintings way up high. It was an intense couple of months as I would paint at night mostly after my son, who was just a wee baby then, went to bed.

After the show and learning how much inner stamina and pure discipline it takes to produce a number of paintings for a show, I decided that I would put shows like that on hold. But my goal has always been to keep painting and to have work out in the world, here and there. I have not actively pursued anything else because like I said, it takes so much to get ready for a show. And with my little ones, I honestly just can’t do it unless I have extra help.

But then Crystal, Cindy and I put our heads together and decided that it would be a lot of fun for me and Crystal to hang our work together at Cindy’s place. PerficalSense Studio is Cindy’s studio (that I teach at) and she opens it up every month for an artist to show their work. What I love about Cindy’s place is that it is so comfortable. And what I mean by comfortable is that, you step in, and you feel welcomed. Not all places are like that.

So, I threw my hat into the ring, or whatever the saying is, and jumped in. Now, I am pretty spent right now, but I have to say, that when you have to produce a body of work, you just do it. And you make and make and make…and you start to hit on something…and when the time is up and the work time is done, you just want to come back and keep going. And the making leads to more making and each painting is a step to the next one.

I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to share my work and have it hang next to Crystal’s at the PerficalSense Studio in Evanston, IL. Hope you can join us!


  1. by Denise on February 22, 2012  1:36 am Reply

    I'm going to do everything I can to get to the opening. I greatly admire both your work and Crystal's and am so pleased to live close enough to see ya both every now and then. Wishing you both good fortune :) ~Denise

  2. by Carole on February 22, 2012  1:51 am Reply

    I wish I lived closer. I'd love to see your work in person up close. Congratulations to you!

  3. by Judy Shreve on February 22, 2012  8:51 am Reply

    Bridgette - hope your show is fabulous. Wish I lived closer too.

  4. by Missouri Bend Paper Works on February 22, 2012  10:29 am Reply

    Yes, sure wish I could be there. Having a show at an intimate and welcoming venue is a great thing! And yes, amazing what you can pull off when you have to!

  5. by Michelle on February 22, 2012  7:49 pm Reply

    I wish I lived close enough to see the show. Are you going to post pics? I'd love to see what you've been working on lately.

  6. by bridgette on February 22, 2012  10:49 pm Reply

    Thanks everyone! I wish you all lived closer too. :) Denise, it would be great to see you. but I know it's quite a trek for you!
    Michelle- I should be posting them soon. Hopefully!

  7. by Just Jen on February 23, 2012  4:20 pm Reply

    Good luck with the show Bri. Love!
    fyi ... an award for ya. no recip necessary. :)

  8. by Carol Wiebe on February 24, 2012  8:05 am Reply

    Your artist statement about this show is very moving. I also appreciate your candor about the commitment involved in producing work for a show, and your strategy for making it work. Thank you!

    That double image at the beginning is breathtaking.

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