Mindful Eye

Earlier this year I created an art installation for Lake Roland’s Art on the Trail out of branches I picked up at Lake Roland and I called it the Mindful Eye. For the installation site, I picked a branch that was not only pretty high, but also on a hill, which in hindsight maybe was too high without one of those platform ladders. It was really challenging to install considering how short I am, even with a big ladder! My 6 foot husband was vital in this installation as well as the ranger who helped hold the ladder. But I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do these nature art installations. They make my heart happy.

Above is a video interview of me with my piece as well as in my studio. I am so grateful to the Lake Roland Nature Council for the opportunity to share my work and the message behind my work, whether it’s these nature art installations or my mixed media pieces or my landscape paintings- love the earth and walk in partnership with the earth. I am also grateful to the videographer, Thom Stromer, who really helped put me at ease and asked such thoughtful questions and then put together such a beautiful video.

The working title of this piece was The Watchful Eye- the idea that the natural world is watching our actions and whether we are being good stewards of the planet. But then I changed it to The Mindful Eye to be more about a partnership with nature. The Mindful Eye of Nature and the Mindful Eye within each of us. And this Mindful Eye is asking- are we doing what we need to do to take care of the planet? Are we being mindful of the interconnected web of life?

The painted branches draw inspiration from different indigenous cultures around the world that use journey sticks or story stick as a means of communication. Sticks were painted and decorated with symbols. Story sticks were also used as a tool for conflict resolution, allowing people to communicate freely while holding the stick.

art on the trail installation by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | The Mindful Eye, Lake Roland Art on the Trail, Baltimore, MD

I used fallen branches I gathered from the park and brought them back to my studio where I trimmed them sanded them and then painted them and prepared them to hang in a row

I hope this piece reminds people that we are walking through a living and breathing ecosystem and to be mindful that our actions affect all that is around us.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | The Mindful Eye, painted branches art installation at Lake Roland, red trail, Baltimore, MD

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