Moments of Quiet and Stillness

endlessness, mixed media and encaustic on birch
5 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches

Text reads: i love the endlessness of it all

“Moments of Quiet and Stillness” is what I named my current show that I hung up at Cugini’s Cafe in Ballard today. The encaustic piece above is one of the paintings included in the show. I wish I had brought my camera with me to take a picture of the paintings hanging.

I had to wait until late afternoon to hang because I had to wait until my husband came home from work so that he could take care of Noah. When I finally got there after lugging my ladder to the coffeeshop from my car, I looked up at the walls and at the height of the moulding that I was to hang the paintings from, and my stomach sank. I knew there was no way that my less than 5 foot body would reach it even with the big ladder that I brought from home. I called my husband frantically and told him my situation. He and Noah came to my rescue! Am I lucky or what to have a superhero for a partner? On a tall ladder and stretching his 6 foot 1 inch body, he was able to string the wires for me. Noah watched our activities and was so good the whole time! It took him about half an hour and then they left. I spent the rest of the time hanging and straightening and putting the labels up. I was there for almost two hours!! It shouldn’t have taken that long, but the shaky beginning really added the extra time.

But in the end, I stepped back and felt proud of my work. It really felt good to see a body of work hanging nicely on the wall. In the end I hung up 14 paintings.

The show will be up through April at Cugini Cafe, 5306 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

Now I need to go pack…going out to Chicago again tomorrow.


  1. Bridgette – I have a technical question. I saw your comment on flickr re: printing the photo out & adhering it with wax. Do you use an ink-jet printer or laser? If ink-jet, do you have problems with the ink smearing? Or do you use a type of paper to prevent that? I’ve done this with photos glued to canvas – which requires a thin paper, and I always have to use a fixative spray to seal the paper before using any paint, etc. I’m thinking now that I could adhere the photo to a board if I use real photo paper & then perhaps I wouldn’t have a problem. I don’t use wax. Maybe I should start!
    Thanks! And PS – This is wonderful, as always!

  2. So much to celebrate, Bridgette: FOURTEEN paintings (how I would love to be there in person to see the show), a tall super-hero for a spouse, and a Noah who knows when to be good.

    Enjoy your Moments of Quiet and Stillness, lady.

    Endlessness is quite the pensive piece too–I like the words, the texture, the reaching-up-thing that’s happening. Nice!

  3. excited to see this show, gal. i will make a point of going by, even if i’m not in the area!! wanna see how it all hangs together after this description. YEAH!! go, baby, go. you are doing it. and thank goodness for a tall, handsom, talented hubby! thinking good thoughts for your trip. all will be well. i just know it….oxox

  4. at a mere 5’2, i am aware of the dilemma of just being too darn short to reach ( do they really have to make those grocery store shelves so high???? haha). I am also aware, with my Ray hitting about 6′, how much it helps to have a taller person there to help out hahaha.

    Good luck with your paintings there in the coffee shop! I’m sure they look totally awesome.

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