my bowl, not the super bowl

 |  February 7, 2011

my bowl
8×8 inches

Yesterday morning I got some painting time in before the big game. I’m not a huge football fan, nor do I particularly care for yesterday’s teams, but getting together with friends and eating chili and a variety of dips is always a plus. I made this artichoke dip and it is one of my favorite dips to make for gatherings. So good, especially if you like a little kick to your food.

But anyway, I am so glad I got some painting time in as I was able to find a resolution for the first bowl painting sparked by a Raymond Carver poem. I have several going right now, not just in encaustic, but also acrylics. All in various stages.

I look at this bowl now and I wonder if it’s full or empty. I feel there is a fullness to the space inside the bowl. Emptiness is not necessarily a negative…maybe it is a readiness. A space, a vessel, waiting and ready to be filled.


  1. by Kim Hambric on February 7, 2011  6:42 pm Reply

    Yes, Bridgette! Maybe the emptiness is simply readiness. I will keep that thought in mind.

    I'm loving your beautiful bowls!

  2. by kass hall on February 7, 2011  8:01 pm Reply

    Bridgette that last paragraph really spoke to me - love your artwork but more love the possibility of what's to come for your bowl.

  3. by Poetic Artist on February 7, 2011  8:44 pm Reply

    This is wonderful..I love the words you wrote also,

  4. by merci33 on February 7, 2011  11:21 pm Reply

    I love your bowl.

    Years ago I invested much time and exploration on the bowl form and the zen zone of the empty space within.

    I composed this little code to go along with that extensive series:

    I M M T N I M T N 2 XTC
    that opened up a whole new space.

  5. by Carole on February 8, 2011  2:29 am Reply

    I love bowls and chairs. And I LOVE all your bowl paintings Bridgette!!
    I have a book suggestion for anyone who loves bowls.
    It's called EVERYDAY SACRED by Sue Bender.

  6. by ArtPropelled on February 8, 2011  9:04 am Reply

    I agree.... Not emptiness but anticipation and welcoming space. Well said! Your bowl series is speaking to me, Bridgette.

  7. by bridgette on February 8, 2011  5:32 pm Reply

    Thank you everyone! I'm enjoying painting these bowls.
    Donna- I think I figured out your code...I think! :)
    Carole-Thank you so much for the book recommendation. I will check it out!

  8. by floatingink on February 8, 2011  6:17 pm Reply

    Images of bowls hold a HUGE place in my work--I find them irresistible. This one is particularly appealing.

  9. by Meri on February 9, 2011  8:55 pm Reply

    An opening for magic to pour into.

  10. by Julie on February 10, 2011  11:12 pm Reply

    Bridgette- love this different color palette....spring. :)

  11. by Miki Ohno on February 12, 2011  7:41 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing a lovely bowl. I also like the antiquated effects around the objects seen in many of your works.

  12. by RainCityGirl on February 14, 2011  6:15 pm Reply

    Nice work. Glad I found you. I'm your newest follower :)
    Looking forward to see what's next.

  13. by Seth on February 15, 2011  11:01 pm Reply

    Your post reminds me that nothing is ever empty and with the right frame of mind, everything can be filled to the brim!

  14. by my croft on February 16, 2011  3:53 am Reply

    so lovely.
    are you familiar with Joan Schulze's tea bowl series?

  15. by layers on February 19, 2011  1:18 am Reply

    I love your bowl pieces- and that Raymond Carver poem is wonderful.

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