My Daily Bread: 8.26.12 – 9.1.12

Plunge deep enough in order to see something that is hidden and glimmering. -Matsuo Basho

Diversey Rock n Bowl, taken on a rainy Sunday afternoon. #signs #urban #Chicago
sunday. 8.26.12

In my first post about these daily images I spoke about how this is a way to keep the creative juices flowing for me because I am unable to paint as much as I’d like, which I know is common for a lot of people. And it does help….but lately it feels like it’s not helping, but making it worse! I just want to get in the studio. I have so many things swimming around in my head.

My Daily Bread: monday 8/27/12
monday. 8.27.12
someone moved to her big girl bed with a new comforter too

My Daily Bread: In the studio today
Tuesday. 8.28.12
in the studio

And when I get to work, it’s almost like I just don’t know where to start. So much to accomplish- deadlines for submissions, business stuff, writing stuff, taking photos of work, and then there’s the actual act of painting. But this week I finished a painting that was a huge step for me. A huge step in my growth because it was not a painting that came easy. Lots of hurdles and questioning.

My Daily Bread: wednesday-Kindergarten orientation!
Wednesday. 8.29.12
kindergarten orientation!

My Daily Bread: Thursday 8/30 Dead chive flowers
Thursday. 8.30.12

Taking these photos too have brought back the itch to work with photographic images…I also started working on a collaboration with my neighbor, Angie McMongical who is a photographer and a mom too. We are working on an urban series together, exploring the city we live in. More on that later, but it is nice to work with someone who has the same time and energy constraints as I do. Her daughter is 5 and her son is 1. We both get it.

My Daily Bread: Friday 8/31/12 #rust #peelingpaint
Friday. 8.31.12

So, it seems that taking these photos are making me hunger for more studio time. Well, that’s better than not wanting to get in the studio, I suppose. And I have so many images now to choose from. I think I had been tiring of my old images that I had used over and over again.

Evidence that fall is coming. Hooray!
saturday 9.1.12
evidence that fall is on the way. hurrah!

If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches. -Rainer Maria Rilke

The first time I read this quote it was several years ago and I was like, man, that’s harsh. But it forced me to look at how I perceive my daily life, which honestly I often felt like I was wishing my days away. A character trait I’ve had since I was young girl. I don’t want to live in suspension. Life is too short. And life can be so rich.


  1. The most difficult thing for a mother as artist is the balance. You want to get in the studio and you want to read to your kids. It is push pull all the time. it becomes a way of life. And then when the kids grow up and you thought you’d have so much time in the studio, along comes a grandchild…….and you want to read to them too……push pull…..sigh. Have faith. You’ll get back in the studio soon.

    1. Thanks Roberta for your comment. This week especially I have been holding tight to every minute I have with my kids as my oldest is headed for kindergarten next week. I know this time is so fleeting with them. Thank you for your encouragement, it always helps to hear from other mother/artists.

  2. It sounds like both you and the seasons are in a period of change. One day soon, all those thoughts swimming in your head will burst forth as ideas and more of your wonderful paintings.

  3. The urban series sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing how the two of you collaborate. Sometimes we need a quote like that to stop us in our tracks. It certainly speaks to me!

    1. Thanks Robyn, yes, it really spoke to me when I first saw it and it is so important to remember. It gives us the power over our life- we have a choice in how we live each day in terms of our perspective. That’s empowering!

  4. I love this quote on the bottom and so relate to your comment about feeling like I’ve wished so many days away, thinking the next day will be more fruitful.
    With both our 5 year olds going into kindergarten this week I’ve been trying to savor the days a bit more, they’re growing up way too fast!
    I’m so excited about our collaboration and especially love that we get each others time constraints. And, like you, I feel like I have so much swimming around in my head but too little time to accomplish what I want. Some day right…but as Roberta said, there’s always something pulling for our time.

    1. I’m so excited too Angie. I have to say that I’m proud of what we are able to do given the time constraints. Or even that we try. That’s the most important.

  5. It may be a small consolation, but you inspire me every time you take a moment to blog about what you are thinking and feeling about your art. Because of you I read Shaping Destiny, which was a wonderful book, and I shared that same post with an artist friend who also struggles to find time to make things. I just returned from my first-ever adult vacation that wasn’t spent making art in a workshop somewhere and spent much of the time on the beach wishing I’d brought my supplies. Who knew I’d grow up and only get that one week a year?

    1. Heidi, that means so much. I’m so glad that my ramblings inspire you in even the tiniest bit. Makes it all worthwhile! That book is great- did you know that she has a website/blog where she invites women artists to share their stories?
      One week a year for art…oh, that would hard! That puts things in perspective for me too. I hope you get your art supplies out and do even a little something for yourself soon!

  6. Bridgette, this may sound unbelievable to you but I am in the midst of having so much time, now that my kids have all grown up, that I’m wandering around wondering what to do with it all!
    I still find it hard to get into the studio but at least the guilt is gone! ha ha! 🙂

    1. I can’t even imagine that! ha! No guilt=a good thing. 🙂 I really am so fortunate to be with my children at this young age. I would be absolutely heartbroken if I wasn’t able to as I know many women don’t have the choice. The good thing is that since my time is limited, I squeeze every bit out of it that I can.

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