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 |  October 27, 2008


I love to see where people work, so I though I would share my work space. When we were in Seattle, I rented a studio in Ballard. I loved it. It was my space. My sacred time to myself. But. It was tiny. As in closet size. Seriously. Ok, a rather large closet, but still pretty small. I created so many paintings in that studio that for the most part have left me for shows and for new homes. That tiny space in Ballard will always be a magical space for me in my mind.

Now, in our new house, the attic had been regutted and totally redone by the previous owners. And now it is where I work. When I first stepped up here, my heart stopped, my lungs filled with air, and I knew this was our house. I can’t imagine this being anything else other than an artist’s studio. I have lots of natural light and space. I had a feeling that getting a bigger space would influence my work. I am gearing up to work larger, for sure.

On the table by the window I have my encaustics set up. In the window I have a fan that pulls the air out and on the floor I have an air filter. We plan to someday put in an exhaust system above my encaustic space. On the left wall is my inspiration wall. Taped on the wall I have print-outs of paintings of artists who inspire me- whether it is their imagery, palette or style. I also have tear outs from magazines of colors that jumped out at me. One is of a photo of a cut open squash against a blue background. Heavenly. In the foreground on the left side is part of my “book-table”. This is where I cut boards and paper for my journals. I also have a book press there as well. I try to keep paint and spillable things off that table. I am very accident prone.

I still have some re-arranging to do. It usually takes me a while working in a space to get the arrangement right. But for now it’s working.


On the south facing end is where I have my computer, a couch and a little table for Noah’s crayons and toys. Also a windchime that I bought on our last trip to Orcas Island. I also do my packing of journals and paintings over here. I have my packing tape, my boxes, baggies, sharpies, mailing labels, etc. etc. over on this side of the studio as well.

It’s funny to look back several years ago (end of 2002) when I first started making and selling my journals from and we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. I had art supplies and shipping supplies crammed into every conceivable space and I used our our ugly dining room table that was falling apart as my work table. Every time we ate breakfast, lunch or dinner, I had to clear off my books, glue, papers, and paint. I don’t think I ever even thought it was possible to even dream of having my own studio.

I kept a journal back then of intentions. And I glued in photos of artist’s studio and workspaces that I tore out of magazines. Intentions. Powerful things.


  1. by Binky on October 27, 2008  9:08 pm Reply

    It's a very nice, home-y studio.

  2. by LostLuggage on October 27, 2008  9:47 pm Reply

    oooohh...I love it.. Love the ceilings and light the most. It's a really beautiful space, Bridgette!

  3. by shebaduhkitty on October 27, 2008  11:02 pm Reply

    looks great. I wish my attic space had some sky lights or bigger windows. Mine is nice, but not as airy as yours. The wood floors are nice too. You probably have a real stairway instead of a ladder like me :)
    I do love those little ballard studios, but they are small!
    glad you are settling in and finding your creative space.

  4. by tangled sky studio on October 28, 2008  1:02 am Reply

    hi bridgette,
    your studio looks amazing and worthy of growing into....the light is unmatched and it is a great amount of space...but it doesn't really matter how much space that you have just that you have some...

  5. by Geraldine on October 28, 2008  5:38 am Reply


    it's just gorgeous. i'd love to have all that light. i'm in the basement.

  6. by floatingink on October 28, 2008  7:00 am Reply

    Oh. Oh. It's so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your space with us.

  7. by Michelle on October 28, 2008  9:02 am Reply

    Bridgette, I love it! so light filled and airy! I would spend all of my time here, with friends and a glass of wine.

  8. by carin.c on October 28, 2008  10:15 am Reply

    Great workspace! Thanks for sharing. I always love to see other artist's workspaces. There is definitely something to be said for "intentions."

  9. by Angela Rockett on October 28, 2008  11:41 am Reply

    You've come a long way, baby! What a great space! Good to hear that you're settling in.

  10. by Jeane on October 28, 2008  12:16 pm Reply

    bridgette - your space is just wonderful - wishes do come true - make art!

  11. by smith kaich jones on October 28, 2008  1:54 pm Reply

    Oh congratulations!!! And by the way, when I clicked on this image to enlarge & it took me to Flickr, I saw your Awaken encaustic next to it & OMG!!! That is an incredible, incredible, gorgeous piece!!! More to come from here I just know!!

    :) debi

  12. by Paula Scott on October 29, 2008  1:05 am Reply

    Intentions. Yes, a VERY powerful thing. AKA affirmations. Very influential on our destiny! We underestimate the power of thought!
    And I gasped at the image of your new studio! Feeling envious, but more so excited and happy for you to have such an inspirational and oh so perfect space to work in!
    Life IS good!

  13. by seth on October 29, 2008  10:41 pm Reply

    This looks like a great space for creating!

  14. by rivergardenstudio on November 2, 2008  8:35 pm Reply

    Oh! your studio is amazing, how beautiful! And your new work is beautiful, both styles so different from each other, but still from your heart...Roxanne

  15. by Amy Stoner on November 3, 2008  10:16 pm Reply

    I just love the new much light and room!!! yay!

  16. by cconz on November 9, 2008  5:21 pm Reply

    I love your studio. I can only dream of having a place as beautiful as that!!!

  17. by melanie on November 14, 2008  2:43 pm Reply

    omg, i am seriously in love with your studio. what a great space. i love all that natural light!

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