New Encaustic Explorations

 |  July 31, 2011

A few posts ago I posted the announcement for the current FUSEDChicago exhibit at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston. Last week I was able to visit the exhibit and if you are in the area, I encourage you to stop in. We filled two floors of gallery space with encaustic paintings and sculptures. It’s amazing to see all the different work created in this ancient medium.

Longing, triptych
encaustic mixed media
8 x 24 inches

This is one of my paintings that is at the exhibit. This little bird has appeared in so many of my creations, but this incarnation is one of my favorites.

Here are a few examples of what is hanging. If you want to see more, check out the FUSEDChicago website or our Facebook page as we have photos up in the current exhibit section.

sculptural pieces by Alicia Forestall Boehm and Yvonne Prisble

Dan Addington
{his work makes me swoon}

Mary Jo Parker O’Hearn
{This red kills me! Want. I’ve seen this painting before and I just love it.}

Leslie Robertson {who was in one of my workshops at Encausticamp!}
and Yvonne Prisble

Sarah Rehmer
{Unfortunately this photo is a bit blurry, but I wanted to share it here because, well, I love it}

And last but not least, a photo opp with one of my best creations {the other one visiting his Grandma while we went to the exhibit}:

almost 17 months here!


  1. by Seth on July 31, 2011  2:53 pm Reply

    The artwork in this show looks amazing. I really wish I could see it in person. Your creations...both art and human...are of course exceptional!

  2. by Carole on July 31, 2011  8:21 pm Reply

    The show looks amazing. Your baby creation is adorable!

  3. by Julie Shackson on July 31, 2011  11:04 pm Reply

    Lovely creations! That last one is such a lovely image; and your paintings just sing behind you, they're so vibrant!

  4. by Sarah on August 1, 2011  2:21 am Reply

    What a great show this must have been. Love your work as always!

  5. by from Sharon on August 2, 2011  6:41 pm Reply

    We used to live in Chicago and still have a daughter there. Next visit I will have to look up the encaustic artists...what a wonderful exhibit. Your piece at the beginning of your blog is beautiful, very mysterious as seen through my screen. I hope you all sell many pieces of art.
    smiles; sharon

  6. by rivergardenstudio on August 3, 2011  12:06 pm Reply

    I love these pieces, the first so moody, and the title that you chose is perfect. And the other that is behind you and your little daughter, so fresh and light. What an amazing show! roxanne

  7. by Caatje on August 4, 2011  7:20 am Reply

    Looks wonderful. I would love to give encaustic a try some day, just to see if i like using it. I do like how it looks, that's for sure.

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