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We recently returned from our adventure up to the northern parts of the east coast to attend the opening reception of Off the Grid as well as explore the White Mountain region. I’m in love with New Hampshire and cannot wait to go back.

At art stream studio Dover, NH
my paintings at artstream
paintings can be purchased online at the artsteam gallery site

The opening was well attended and it was so wonderful to meet Susan Schwake after following her online for a few years now. You can see more photos of the opening at the artstream blog. If you aren’t aware, Susan, an artist and designer herself, not only runs artstream studios and gallery, but she also is the author of two wonderful books: Art Lab for Kids and Art Lab for Little Kids. I recently borrowed the latter from my public library and loved it. It’s on my wishlist now for my next book purchase.

What I really wanted to do was see the studio classrooms and talk to Susan about what she does because it’s kind of been a little dream of mine for many years- to do something like this. I hesitate to even write this publicly as it’s always a bit unnerving to put a vision on paper and then to put it out there. But I figured that’s how one gets the ball rolling on these things. And if it doesn’t happen….so what, what’s the big deal? Life happens, things change, visions change. It’s all good. But I went to visit and see a version of a possible dream. It was great. Lots to think about.

It's beautiful here. And VERY windy! #whitemountain #newhampshire

After the opening we headed out north and a little west to explore the White Mountains region. We fell in love. It also gave us long drives to talk and ponder. I love road trips for those reasons. You see the land, take it in, reflect on life and decisions. I feel like I am at a particular crossroad right now and I need to start laying the foundations for what comes next.

But as I’ve learned, it’s important to enjoy the present and the now. You just never know what may happen tomorrow.

Winter trees. New Hampshire

At sunset last night

It snowed all the way to the airport this am

Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty. – Brian Greene


  1. …i live very near Susan and her Gallery….it is just a feast for the eyes here….plus the ocean is not far away….great costal stuff.
    I was drawn in by your lovely handwork….i saw the necklace pieces on facebook…does Susan have those in the Gallery? …what an idea ….those earrings are truely unique. thanks for the look. Lesa (fishbellyrugs)

    1. Thanks Lesa. I don’t remember if the necklace pieces you are referring to are in the gallery. But I do know that the exhibition has been extended to February! So if you’re in the area, you should definitely stop in. Thanks so much.

  2. I live in southern NH and the whole state is beautiful… but there is something quite remarkable about the white mountains… I always feel at home surrounded by those sacred mountains… and the wise trees. I am blessed to have a home here. Your photos are beautiful.

    1. Oh Laura, you are so lucky! I’ve only been in a little part and fell in love with the region. The White Mountains are beautiful and serene….although I imagine when one is on it in the middle of winter, it does not seem so serene! Thank you for visiting and for you comment. Means a lot if a native likes the photos!

  3. Wowser, Bridgette!! I love that one of all the white trees standing in rows. We vacationed in NH one summer and it was magical. I think that I could live there if it weren’t for the Winters. I am, as always, in awe of your stuff.

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