On journaling: adding color

Not only do I journal online here, but I also still keep a handwritten journal. Lots of introspection going on, I guess. I have always just been that way-needing to get my thoughts out on paper. Process. Remember. Honor.

When I was on bedrest I turned to my handwritten journal to write it all out. The details of the doctor visits. My hopes and fears. I found myself writing and writing and writing until I had pages of just my handwriting of a lot of sadness. I didn’t like that, so I decided that in the midst of my writing to draw in something bright and happy. Because amidst the anguish, I was also excited for the arrival of my little one.

It’s nice now when I open up my journal now to see bursts of color peering from a background of black ink letters.

Both of these images are from my current journal.

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