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 |  January 7, 2009

stack of my journals, ’04-’09

Just a quick announcement that I will be posting a journaling tip every Tuesday over at the amanobooks.com blog. I am by no means a “journaling expert”, but I have been keeping a journal since I was in grade school and it makes me happy to share what I do. There have been periods where a year would go by without any entries, but there was always a journal on hand in case I ever wanted to write something down.

In my journals, I am a writer. That may seem like a “duh” statement, but with all the visual journalers out there, I feel like I have to specify. But between pages and pages of writing, I also have visual journal entries, which are usually accompanied with writing. Like I said, I am a writer. So, most of my prompts will be geared towards writing, but if relevant, I will also post visual journaling tips too.

So, check it out if you ever feel like you need a prompt or an idea!

I also thought of showcasing other people’s visual journal pages if they are relevant to the topic. If you are interested, please email me at bridgette @ amanobooks.com.


  1. by Shayla on January 7, 2009  4:29 pm Reply

    I figured your journals were mostly visual, so that made things clearer. I like the idea of there being lots of space for writing. The writing part of a journal is so grounding. I'll check out those tips, thanks.

  2. by ~Barb~ on January 7, 2009  4:59 pm Reply

    I love to do visual journaling (I'm just getting started at it, though) but, like you, I am a writer so each visual page I do has much of my writing in it, too. I'm excited to see your prompts and have subscribed to that blog, too. Thanks bunches!
    Peace & Love,

  3. by Angela Wales Rockett on January 7, 2009  6:41 pm Reply

    What a great idea, Bridgette! And I'll definitely be checking out those tips.

    It's actually kind of a relief that you said you're mostly a writer when you journal. I've been feeling a little guilty that I find that to be true of myself as well.

  4. by tangled sky studio on January 7, 2009  10:14 pm Reply

    great idea bridgette and as usual your photo is beautiful....if i ever change my mind about journaling you'll be my first call!

    ps...i found the tool to cut the small round holes in the back of my blocks and they look great...

  5. by waking up late on January 7, 2009  10:31 pm Reply

    How fun.

    I have been keeping a journal sine I was 12, so I understand the ebb and flow of journal keeping. I feel that it is time to get back into things so I will be checking this out.

  6. by Michelle Brunner on January 8, 2009  8:10 am Reply

    Journaling is such an amazing thing to do! I am looking forward to see your journaling tips! I'm glad I found this blog:)

  7. by Wild Somerset Child on January 8, 2009  11:21 am Reply

    I, too, have been journaling (and writing) since I was a child - and that's a long, long time ago! Only recently have I started to make visual journals - indeed, I keep and make different types of journals for different topics.

  8. by Jeane on January 8, 2009  1:07 pm Reply

    Bridgette - what a generous idea - so many people will benefit from this.

  9. by Seth Apter on January 9, 2009  11:32 pm Reply

    Looking forward to the Tuesday tips. And that stack o'journals looks great!

  10. by wendy lee lynds on January 12, 2009  3:50 pm Reply

    excellent, BGM! love this idea. yes, count me IN!! i want to do more and more visual journaling this year. one of my intentions.

  11. by smith kaich jones on January 12, 2009  8:55 pm Reply

    This is amazing! You continually do that - put out stuff that's just amazing. It doesn't even have to be artwork! LOL!

    As a non-journaler (I have finally accepted the fact) I am absolutely awestruck when I see/read what journalers do. Y'all are incredible!

    :) Debi

  12. by Wendy on January 15, 2009  2:09 am Reply

    I love that photo. What treasures you have there!

  13. by Taffy on February 20, 2009  11:56 am Reply

    I happen to stumble across you blog and the link you posted for amanobooks.com blog.. i'm so diggen on those. I recently started an art journal but have been journaling for years (writing) but i'm so loven the art journals, now that i've been scrappen for quite some time, I never realized how the two would go hand in hand.. LOL

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