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Creativity is an act of survival. It organizes and gives voice to experience. -Julia Cameron


I got some time today after again another week without studio time. Although we are having a good time enjoying the dwindling days of summer, when I am away from painting, I start to feel a bit like a stranger to myself. This morning I worked on paintings already in progress. But I felt sluggish today. Things seem pretty rough out there in the big wide world, doesn’t it? So much pain, so much hardship and violence.

detail of a work in progress

Is it a good trait that humans are able to just carry on? Or is that is just easier to become callous in order to shut it out and carry on?

Whatever the answer is, which is probably both, I am grateful for my art. My creative process is so much about giving voice to my experiences and emotions. Helps me to filter. And for me, it’s always a way of expressing gratitude for this crazy, painful, but beautiful life we are given on this earth.


I’ve been working on some new paintings that are dealing with abstracted landscapes. Pulling inspiration from the hikes we have done through the years. So far, I seem to want to paint big empty skies, and a definite horizon line.

On my last week of daily drawings for 30 days!



  1. Bridgette,
    I don’t know if this is a new direction for you, but I really, really like these two. Reminiscent of lake and of sky.

    1. Hi Mary, yes it is a new direction, thanks! I am painting bigger and will be focusing on landscapes, abstracted a bit. These details shown above are from encaustic paintings, but I have a few large oil paintings in process too. we go hiking so much and I have always wanted to paint what I see on our adventures. I’m excited!

  2. Gorgeous. Love these paintings. The world is crazy these days… grateful for the good and counting blessings. (I’m the one who took Trish’s class after reading about her from you!!) Take care and thanks for sharing. Love your quotes too 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne. The world is definitely crazy and always has been…We have to be be grateful for our blessings as you said. Hope you had a great time in her class. Thanks for visiting!

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