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 |  June 7, 2014

Making art now means working in the face of uncertainty; it means living with doubt and contradiction, doing something no one much cares whether you do, and for which there may be neither audience nor reward. Making the work you want to make means setting aside these doubts so that you may see clearly what you have done, and thereby see where to go next…

#workinprogress #studiotable #mixedmedia #art

Detail from a painting I worked on this am. #workinprogress #art #studiotable #mixedmedia #painting
detail of a work in progress

Detail from another work in progress.
detail from a work in progress

On my table this am, hmmmm #studiotable #creativeprocess #art

…Making the work you want to make means finding nourishment within the work itself. – David Bayles & Ted Orland


  1. by ArtPropelled on June 7, 2014  11:43 am Reply

    Another inspiring post Bridgette. I look forward to seeing the completed pieces though I'm loving these images (especially the top two) just as they are.

    • by Bridgette Mills on June 9, 2014  10:41 pm Reply

      Thank you Robyn! A lot of paintings came together over the weekend. Patience is a virtue.....and some things are worth the wait. It's hard at times not to just want to rush it all

  2. by Judy Martin on June 7, 2014  1:32 pm Reply

    enjoying your rich materials and how you touch them.

    • by Bridgette Mills on June 9, 2014  10:42 pm Reply

      Thank you Judy. I have been enjoying the materials as well. my fingertips are happy

    • by Bridgette Mills on June 9, 2014  10:43 pm Reply

      Thanks Lisa. It's tough. To have the sensitivity to be a creator, but to have the constitution to face the world with one's creations!

  3. by windrock studio on June 9, 2014  8:34 am Reply

    So happy to catch up with you and see all the gorgeous art ... sure love your details!

    • by Bridgette Mills on June 9, 2014  10:43 pm Reply

      Thank you for stopping in. :) Hope you are well!

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