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“The education of imagination to step into the unknown as well as the ability to persist when there is no end in sight. The ways of creation are often paradoxical. When you think there is nothing going on, something comes to you, and when you want something desperately, it’s never there. Imagination thrives on the turning of tables, and its most succesful products are often contrary to initial intentions.” – Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process

Not much going on this week due to the dreadful flu. But today was the first day I didn’t feel like my brain was being held in a vice, so things are definitely improving.

Easing back into things after 9 ?;$<].?¥+€!@ Days bedridden with the flu #studiotable #mixedmedia

Just having the materials in my hands again felt good. Moving things around. Pondering.

Yay, I finally made something! Been away from my table too long... #mixedmedia #art #studiotable

A panel that I actually finished today when I had a bit of time. My current journal is about to be filled up, so this panel will be the cover of my next journal. I did a lot of stitching on little patches of fabric this winter. Happy that I was able to use one of my little patches at the bottom of this panel.

What do you do when a friend gifts you with an abandoned hornets nest? Make art with it, of course. A new project I started this afternoon. #bookart

This photo is from a previous week, but never posted. A side project. Nature and its workers truly amaze me.


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    1. Sorry about that, I have to have the spam thing on for comments, otherwise I get bombarded with spam! Hope it doesn’t happen again. But thanks for visiting!

  2. The threads at the top edge of the stitched panel work really well with the tree branches! Sweet texture play: wispy threads emulating crisp branches…and I suppose the grey stitches relate visually to the text in the tree image too! Congratulations, quite engaging!

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